Celebrities: We all love hearing about what they’re eating! It’s just so interesting to know what the famous are nibbling at, just as it’s fascinating to hear about their holiday plans - and their luxurious lifestyles.

One star who has been revealed to be drinking fruity beverages containing chlorella, a wholefood that people sometimes add to smoothies, is none-other than model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It seems the gorgeous 25-year old often uses this green algae in the juices she drinks.

And Rosie has been keeping the world updated about some of the things she’s been drinking and eating recently. The model has used the latest technology to share some of her choices with fans via Instagram.

As well as pictures of shoes and the popstar Rihanna, the model has also posted a pic of a lovely looking soup - which it turns out was homemade. Captioning the snap, Rosie called the soup ‘delicious’ and even revealed what had gone into making it.

Adding hashtags to her picture, she explained that coconut oil, onions, cumin, split peas, celery, carrots and garlic were involved. It sounds like a real healthy living delicacy to us - we could just do with a bowl ourselves!

Next, up went a snap of not one but two exciting looking juice drinks. “Juice lovers  #greens #carrot&apple. Which would you prefer?” the model commented on the green and orange drinks placed next to each other on a wooden table.

Instagram users certainly enjoyed the pic. Last we checked, some 12,320 had ‘liked’ it on the mobile social network!

The next picture from Rosie, who goes under the name @rosiehw on the site, is a stunning photograph of the model, her skin looking absolutely immaculate, wearing a hat and enjoying a smoothie. “Rise and shine smoothie time” she said in the post.  

Why not use Rosie’s example as inspiration and start showing friends what you’ve been eating and drinking on Instagram?

As well as being fun, and acting as a diary of what you’ve been enjoying to eat, this could also help you improve your diet by giving you an idea of how often you over-indulge!