The Saw Palmetto is a palm tree that is native to North America, and grows saw toothed stems located on each individual palm leaf. There are numerous saw palmetto benefits that have been researched so far. Saw palmetto herbal supplements have become popular for the treatment of prostate health.


ÿBenefits of Saw Palmetto

Specifically, Saw Palmetto assists with treating the side effects of enlarged prostate, such as frequent urination, blocked exit of the urine from the bladder and several other uncomfortable symptoms. An oily secretion from the berry of the Saw Palmetto plant is thought to treat these symptoms by inhibiting further growth of the enlarged prostate.


Some researches believe this may be accomplished due to an anti-inflammatory ability of the plant to restrain hormones, such as testosterone. Testosterone is thought to contribute to multiplication of prostate cells.

Saw palmetto is also thought to effectively combats hair loss or at least help maintain and prevent further hair loss. It has also been noted to reduce the production of DHT in men which is what causes the male pattern of baldness. Saw Palmetto is said to lower the DHT level in the body by obstructing 5 alpha-reductose, thus reducing the development of DHT, which causes hair loss.

Saw Palmetto benefits include treatments for persistent coughs and digestive problems and it can be used as an appetite stimulant and a diuretic.

Saw palmetto is also used as a general anti-inflammatory agent, and is thought to help women with menstrual problems. Other Saw palmetto benefits for women also include breast enlargement and the treatment of uterine irritability.