With spring bringing with it slightly warmer weather and the knowledge that there are sunnier days to come, many people are already thinking about how to get their ultimate beach body. As well as losing weight and toning up, there are other things that can impact how you feel about your body this summer and how willing you are to show it off. 

Stretch marks can be a cause for concern among many people - both men and women - and can affect confidence, especially if they are in prominent places. 

Although stretch marks are often thought of as being a result of pregnancy, they can be caused by building up muscle, putting on weight or losing it. This means that anyone can get them and be conscious of them.

Luckily, there are natural ways that you can help to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretchmarks, giving you smoother, more even skin and helping you to feel beach ready. 

Oils and butters can be really beneficial when it comes to helping to fade stretch marks and to stop them from getting worse. They help to moisturise the skin and improve elasticity, which reduces the chances of your stretch marks getting worse. Many natural butters and oils also help to encourage skin healing, which can help to fade stretch marks and result in smoother, more even skin.

Almond oil

Almond oil is a fantastic stretch mark remedy and is highly nourishing for the skin, providing a gorgeous complexion that you'll be happy to show off. It is high in essential fatty acids, which serve to abolish dry skin and lock in moisture. 

Ensuring your skin has a good level of moisturisation means that it is better able to repair itself. This is especially true if the oil you use has a high concentration of vitamin E - which almond oil does - as this helps to support the growth of new skin cells, reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Applying almond oil everyday will help to fade away your stretch marks, ensuring you feel gorgeous and confident for summer.

Cocoa Butter

Just as with almond oil, cocoa butter is incredibly moisturising and rich in vitamin E. It sinks into the skin really easily and gives the best results when applied to your stretch marked areas twice a day. 

It works by moisturising really deeply, improving elasticity of the skin and reducing the chances of any stretch marks getting worse. As it enables skin healing, you'll see your stretch marks start to fade away after a few weeks of continuous use.

In order to get the best results it's advised to use pure cocoa butter or a product that contains a high amount of the butter and no harmful chemicals. This will ensure that your skin is getting loads of this gorgeous, natural product everyday and will mean you see fast results.  

Ready mixed remedies

There are a number of oils that are really great for stopping and reducing stretch marks, which means it can be difficult to know what to choose. Pre-formulated options - such as our Really Good Stretch Mark Oil - provide you with the benefits of numerous natural products to make sure you get the best of all the options.

This oil is fantastic at helping the skin to heal itself and for providing deep levels of moisturisation that improve the appearance, feel and elasticity of your skin. Using it everyday will help you to say goodbye to stretch marks and hello to beautiful, smooth summer skin that you want to show off.