Some of us have decided to cut out dairy from our diets - but that doesn't mean you can't add milk to a smashing smoothie if you'd like to!

Though it can be a good part of the diet for some, there are a variety of reasons why you might not want to drink cow's milk anymore.

One of the main ones is potentially linked to your feelings about getting food from animals more generally.

Some people decide to be vegan. As well as not eating fish or meat, they do not eat dairy products, as well as cutting out eggs from their diet.

Other people might have a condition which means that regular cow's milk, which contains a sugar called lactose, disagrees with them - known as being lactose intolerant.

In either of these cases, when you're looking for something that can take on some of the same roles as milk used to, there are a variety of options on the market.

For example, almond milk combines water with almonds and other ingredients to create a liquid that can be used in some similar ways to the milk of a cow - for example, on breakfast cereals.

On the other hand there's also hazelnut milk, for example. A similar drink, this contains hazelnuts, water and other ingredients.

Smooth times

In the case of both these ingredients, there are a wide range of uses you can put them to, besides simply having them as a drink.

Often, for example, when people whizz up a smoothie, it will often include some dairy such as regular cow's milk or yoghurt. But when you're lactose intolerant or vegan, this is obviously something you'll be wanting to steer clear of.

Never fear, however, as it is possible to create smoothies using alternatives to milk.

For example, there are a variety of fruity combinations that can be put together with almond milk to create a smoothie. The almond milk can add a new flavour as well as helping to make your fruit go further, by providing extra liquid.

And hazelnut milk is also an option that can be used when making smoothies.

One great thing about both these varieties of milk is that they are smoothie ingredients that you can have to hand, in the fridge, and simply bring out to add to the smoothie maker.

Unlike some of the fruits you'll be using, there's no prep to speak of, and the milk will be cold from the fridge, helping make your smoothie nice and chilled!

It's always nice to have smoothie ingredients that are super-easy to use which is a great reason to love almond milk and hazelnut milk.

Remember that if you want a non-dairy or non-lactose milk product then there are other options out there, not just these two that we've been talking about today.

As with many things in life, while you may find that the first option you try is your favourite, it could be that you need to try and few different milk-replacements before you hit on the best one for you!