Some of us are more prone to getting greasy hair whereas some of us engage in habits that can cause greasy hair, and sometimes our greasy hair is the result of a combination of both genetic and environmental factors. This blog will talk about why we get greasy hair, and which natural ingredients can be used to prevent and treat the excess of oil. It will also talk about shampoo for greasy hair in the UK.

When our hair becomes oily, it is often too tempting to try every product under the sun, but smothering our hair can make the greasiness worse. This is clearly not our desire, so if you’re someone dealing with this, it can be useful to know the causes so as to avoid greasy hair as much as possible. Here are some of the causes to manage or avoid.

Causes of Greasy Hair

Here is the list of the main causes:

  • Changes in the seasons or climate

In the summer months we can sweat a lot more, which makes our hair greasier faster. Sometimes a change in the weather will cause a change in our skin and hair, as our body adapts.

  • Poor Diet and Medications

What we consume is extremely important to our body and health as a whole. The right nutrition will build the body, every single cell, and the wrong nutrition will break down our body systems over a long period of poor food choices.

  • Overwashing

When we excessively scrub or shampoo our hair, it can irritate the scalp. As a result, more oil is produced. Overwashing means stripping the hair of its natural oils. And this tricks your scalp into thinking there is not enough oil, and that it needs to produce it quickly, and plenty of it! Excessive washing would be more than once a day, but some people recommend washing the hair every 1-5 days, depending on what works for you. You will be able to experiment with different periods of time between washes to see which one is best for keeping the grease to an absolute minimum.

  • Hair Type

Another factor is the hair type you’re born with. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of control to exercise over our hair type, but we can be aware of the way in which it gets greasy. All hair types are susceptible to oil but certain hair types will control the nature of it. For example, thick, dry hair can still become greasy, but it often appears greasy at the scalp and dry on the ends. Straight hair gets greasy easily because the hair follicles are smooth and therefore, the sebum is more obvious.

  • A Build-up of Products

When we use too many products, they become ineffective as oil production increases and our hair gets the dreaded greasy look. Styling products and using a lot of them can clog the scalp and strands. A build-up of products can be detoxed from the scalp with a clarifying shampoo 2 – 4 times per month.

Characteristics of Greasy Hair

Greasy hair can come with other unwelcome characteristics such as hair loss, dull and lifeless hair and dandruff. Here are some tips for dealing with these:

  • Hair Loss

With grease, comes hair loss, as an excess of oil production is a sign of inflammation. This inhibits hair growth and creates weaker hair in structure. The hair follicles are blocked in severe cases, and the natural growth cycle is stumped. To treat hair loss with greasy hair, the normal biome of your scalp has to be restored. Diet plays a role too. Make sure you are consuming B vitamins, good fats and zinc.

  • Dull and Lifeless Hair

Oil weighs down the hair, which takes away its shine and lustre. And if you have fine or straight hair you are more likely to experience this characteristic of greasy hair. For treating this issue, dry shampoos can be sprayed on the crown of your hair in short bursts.

  • Dandruff

Avoid mousses, styling gels and hairspray. These are all greasy and sticky products that will cause dandruff. Wash the hair on a regular basis with an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains salicylic acid. This will keep the hair clean and cut down on scalp oil.

Ingredients to Look for in Shampoo for Greasy Hair in the UK

Often, the power of nature is underrated. In nature, we can always find the ingredients to treat our specific issue. Here are some natural choices for treating greasy hair, which will not clog your oil glands.

  • Argan

Argan oil has been taking the beauty industry by storm in most recent years. Grown from the Moroccan argan tree, the oil is produced from its kernel nuts. Celebrity fans of this magical oil include Eva Mendes, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Charlize Theron.

Argan oil is renowned as a hair treatment. The Berber women who grow and harvest the trees in the Moroccan Atlas Mountain region, slather it on their skin and hair to keep them hydrated in the harsh, arid weather conditions. Its high content of fatty acids and the vitamin E fives it soothing, anti-inflammatory properties ideal for calming down an inflamed scalp or irritated skin. Argan oil is a lightweight oil without a heavy feel. The vitamin E promotes healthy hair growth whilst encouraging cell regeneration, which is great for the hair loss associated with greasy hair.

The ability to bring back lustre into dull, lifeless hair is one of many other abilities this wonder oil has. It does that without building up even more of an excess of oil production. In fact, it helps to balance sebum production, so applying it on your scalp over a period of time will stop an excess of oil production from building up. It is a win-win finding argan oil in a shampoo for greasy hair in the UK!

  • Amalaki

You might see this rejuvenating herb referred to as Indian gooseberry or amla, as it is produced from the fruit of the amla tree. Traditionally, it has been used to cool the body and strengthen the immune system, translating as ‘the sustainer’ in Sanskrit, originating from a small tree in regions like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the Mascarene Islands and Malaysia.

It has been widely used for its healing properties to treat conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, the common cold (cough and sore throat), indigestion, depression, hypoglycaemia, urinary tract infections and constipation. Amalaki prevents and treats illness with its high content of vitamin C, so it is sometimes referred to as the ‘nurse herb’. It also nourishes the skin from inside and out, including the scalp. This encourages healthy, strong hair to grow.

In Ayurveda, it is considered to be appropriate for all doshas, which are mind-body types to describe an individual’s physical, emotional and mental characteristics. Amalaki has the most impact on the Pitta dosha, which is characterised by hot, intense and penetrating qualities, belonging to people of a fiery nature. Amalaki is a cooling herb that can also treat lung conditions and skin diseases with its anti-inflammatory properties that nourish the internal tissues and organics, including the heart. Look for amalaki shampoo!

  • Camellia

Camellia oil is a non-greasy oil is a non-greasy oil that is extensively used for the health and lustre of hair. It is ideal as an ingredient in a shampoo for greasy hair in the UK because it penetrates the hair instead of sitting in top of it with a heavy feel. Not only this, but it can restore moisture without making the hair greasy. Forming a protective barrier around the hair, it stops split ends in their tracks and also any breakage. No wonder Coco Chanel felt such an affinity with this charming flower, which she even included in her designs!

In Asia, this delicate white flower symbolises purity and longevity. Its true beauty lies in its versatility as a multifunctional product as a cold pressed oil. Camellia oil can help tame frizz by smoothing down the hair cuticle and encouraging the hair to shine.

It is used extensively for the skin and nails as well, as its components are nourishing and antiaging for the skin. More than 80% of camellia oil is made up of oleic acid, a monosaturated omega 9 fatty acid. This ingredient boosts hair growth, deeply moisturises the skin, fights the signs of aging and is an anti-inflammatory to soothe skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. If you want your hair to be glossy but not greasy, rub a few drops of camellia oil into your damp ends as a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair. Or simply add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner for an extra boost in nourishment and vitality of the hair. And this golden oils antibacterial properties makes it a great ingredient in a shampoo for greasy hair in the UK!

  • Brahmi

When combined with amalaki, Brahmi can prevent and reverse more significantly, but it can do this alone too. This is only one fact referring to the benefits of Brahmi oil. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose oil with superpowers, Brahmi might be your guy!

In Ayurveda, as a scalp massage alone, Brahmi reduces stress and mental exhaustion, improves concentration and memory power and tones the nerves and the brain. That’s a lot of benefits from one scalp massage!

  • Biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a part of the B-complex vitamins and essential for the growth of healthy cells. It synthesises fatty acids and metabolises amino acids in the body. It is commonly used in shampoos to help healthy, strong hair to grow and shine, preventing breakage and split ends. Choosing an organic shampoo for greasy hair in the UK that has biotin as one of its ingredients will prevent and treat blocked hair follicles, which can contribute to the oil you do not want. Blocked hair follicles stop the hair from growing, so by clearing dead skin, the hair will then be given the permission to flourish.

An organic shampoo with biotin combined with other nourishing essential and plant oils will contribute to a better absorption of biotin in the scalp. You may expect a reduction in hair loss by making sure biotin is in your choice of shampoo for greasy hair in the UK.

How to Find Organic Shampoo for Greasy Hair in the UK

The Soil Association Logo found on products and company websites is the one widely recognised in the UK. Not all products that are certified organic by the soil association have the logo on their packaging, so you can use the license checker here to check whether a company is certified organic.

We can recommend the Argan and Amalaki Shampoo for greasy hair in the UK, which contains all of the ingredients above. Have you come across any of these greasy hair-treating ingredients before? Feel free to get in touch with us or leave a comment below. We would be happy to talk!

Written by Jess Burman

Wellbeing writer

BA (Honours) in Writing