From time to time everyone will feel stressed, so it is important to have coping mechanisms in place to ensure you don't feel down for long.

Here are six ways to say so long to stress.


To combat stress, the most important thing is to reverse the body's response to situations and breathing exercises are key to this. Take between five and ten deep breaths with your eyes closed. Breathe through the ribcage and exhale through the mouth. By the end of these exercises, you are bound to feel more relaxed.


One of the main causes of stress is not getting enough sleep, so if you find yourself experiencing anxiety on a regular basis you may be sleep deprived.

Set a regular bed time and try to get seven hours rest each night. After a couple of weeks your body will be in a routine and you should notice the benefits for your mood.


Physical activity is a brilliant way to combat stress, especially cardio exercise. Not only does this allow you to channel frustration and tire your body out so you can sleep easier, exercise releases endorphins, which boost mood. What's more, you are effectively replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones about how the activity is making you healthier.

Green tea

This super drink contains L-theanine, which promotes relaxation and works to counteract the stimulating affects of caffeine. Therefore, instead of hyping the body up, which increases stress levels, it has a calming effect. Try drinking green tea in the morning and evening to frame your day with relaxation.


When we're stressed we carry a lot of it in our muscles, causing discomfort and augmenting feelings of anxiety. Massage can relieve this by releasing tension from the body.

Andrea Preston, massage expert and founder of The Treatment Room, explained:  "All massage treatments are beneficial for those in high-stress jobs, particularly in the current climate, where the pressure is on more than ever.

"Taking one hour out for yourself, once a month, to invest in your own health and wellbeing, is highly recommended."


Containing lots of potassium, bananas are a great boost if you're feeling stressed or tired. Taking time out to enjoy this snack can also help you calm down.

Posted by Freya Harper