Winter skin can affect everyone, even if you don’t tend to have dry skin throughout the rest of the year. A combination of wet weather and cold temperatures saps moisture from your skin, which can leave it dry, red and sore. Luckily there are some fantastic natural products that can help protect it and keep it looking radiant, one of which is shea butter.

Shea butter is a naturally moisturising product that is extracted from the karite tree, which is found in West Africa. It is basically the fat of the nut that grows on the tree and has been found to have an amazing number of benefits for the skin and hair.

What makes it perfect for lending a helping hand to winter skin is the fact that it calms and heals the skin, as well as moisturises it. It has a high number of fatty acids and other naturally occurring oil-soluble elements. These elements add moisture and lock it into the skin, allowing it to penetrate deeply and benefit multiple skin layers.

These elements also encourage the skin to heal itself, which can reduce the appearance of scarring and marks that are caused by skin conditions - including psoriasis and eczema. Inciting skin cells to repair themselves faster means that shea butter can also be used on cuts and burns to promote swift healing. 

As well as containing these oil-soluble elements, shea butter contains a number of different types of cinnamic acid, which serve as anti-inflammatories. When applied to the skin, these cinnamates help to reduce any redness, which can also help to promote healing. This means that shea butter - when used in moderation - can also help those that suffer from acne as it helps reduce swelling in the pores. 

Vitamins A and E are also present in shea butter, which further help its moisturising properties. Vitamin E has long been used as a treatment to help maintain a glowing and even complexion, so it stands to reason that shea butter will provide the same result.

If you are finding that your skin is getting dry, take action early on to prevent any further moisture loss. Applying shea butter, or products that contain shea butter, can help your skin to remain healthy throughout the winter months.

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