It's not something you need us to tell you: when it comes to healthy living, exercise works wonders.

It's one of those things that we're often told to do, but if you've not found an exercise you enjoy, it can be tricky to know exactly how to get the dose of physical activity that you know you should be striving for.

Luckily, it's come to a time of year that can make getting a bit of exercise under your belt seem all the easier and more fun!

The warmth of summer could well have seen you warm to the idea of doing a bit more exercise, so here are two fantastic tips for exercises you could try this season.

Beach jogging

Whether you're lucky enough to live by the sea, or are simply planning to hit the beach this holiday, why not use the picturesque surroundings not just for lounging on but for getting a dose of exercise every day?

There are quite a few health problems that getting into running could help you to avoid, among them stroke and heart disease, so it's certainly a hobby that might reap rewards.

This calorie-cutting activity might be great for those whose weight has become a problem and who want to do something to control it.

You could find you enjoy the beach even more if you get to know its sand by jogging along it. Why not see if your other half, or the people you're holidaying with, also want to become involved in this fun fitness activity?

Be careful about choosing a good time for your jog, as if you head out in the middle of the day it might well be too hot, and the beach could well be busy. An early morning or evening jog will help ensure cooler conditions and a quieter beach.

Take to the tracks by bike

Another great holiday activity - and calorie-burning option - is to rent a bike and have a cycle ride.

A much-talked about healthy living option, this can help you get around from place to place, so if there's somewhere you'd like to see on holiday and there's a way to get there by bike, why not take advantage of this mode of transport?

You could find that this way of getting about is much more stress-busting than being cooped up in a hot car, but be sure to follow safety advice to make sure you're less likely to get hurt, especially when you're heading onto roads with cars.

Also remember that you're not used to exercising, it could be wise to discuss things with a doctor before leaping into a fitness activity of any sort.

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