Spring Clean the Mind and Body

By Jade Ellis

When you start to feel the gentle breeze of the warm spring air and the sun on your skin, it’s time to rejuvenate the body and the mind. Spring cleaning should apply in all facets of our lives; but the most important one being our bodies.

A spring cleanse is a perfect way to refresh and renew your system. You can leave behind the stagnant energy from the winter and take simple steps towards better digestive health.

There are several ways in which can put the spring back into your step! Feel lighter, fresher and ready for spring!

Fibre Flush

Perhaps the most important factor in our digestive health, is nutrition and the food we fuel ourselves with. A main nutrient which plays a large part in this is our intake of Fibre. Fibre is the number one nutrient for maintaining proper digestive function and is a great natural cleanser. The high fibre in your body helps you to you feeling light and healthy, rather than bloated and heavy.

For a spring cleanse the type of fibre you want to be fuelling your body with is soluble fibre. Foods rich in soluble fibre such as oatmeal, nuts, beans, apples and blueberries. Soluble fibre is great for your system as it soothes your system and can regulate your digestive tract. This is beneficial for a ‘spring clean’ as it soaks up water as it passes through your body, which helps your system to function well.

A great way to up your fibre intake is by sprinkling flaxseed or chia seeds on your porridge, or mixing them into your smoothie. You can also do this by drinking vegetable and fruit juices and adding greens like spinach, kale, collard greens and chard. The darker the greens the more nutrients! Fushi’s Psyllium Husk Capsules are a great source of fibre and is widely used to promote digestive health and regularity.

Ayurveda Advice

Ayuverdic practitioners recommend food and herbs that taste bitter, spicy or astringent to improve digestion and liver function. It is said to spring your digestive tract into action. Bitter herbs promote the release of digestive fluids into the stomach, pancreas and the small intestine to make sure the food you eat is well digested.

The most common bitter herbs are Dandelion, Chicory, Yellow dock and Gentian. The digestive success is to taste them so it would be recommended to take them as a tincture or in herbal tea. At Fushi we highly recommend our Dandelion Root Tincture which can be used aid the liver cleanse/detox. It is also said to relieve constipation, soothe an upset stomach, improve digestion, and have diuretic properties. Fushi’s Yellow Root Tincture encourages both bowel movement and good digestion by stimulating the release of gastric juices. These herbs are an excellent way to boost the digestive system and cleanse the system!

Another valuable tip from Ayurveda is a morning Abhyanga self-massage, just before your shower. Warm up some oil, either sesame or coconut and gently massage your limbs, moving towards the heart, massage your stomach, chest and neck area and even your face. Spend at least 15 minutes doing this and make sure the room is warm. Shower afterwards and make sure you use a gentle body wash like our Bringer of Peace wash to not strip the oils away from the skin.

Refreshing the Gut

Ghee Butter

Starting to refresh your system also means giving your digestive system a refresh. A great way to do this is through switching up your cooking oils. Fushi’s Ghee Butter has immense healing benefits. It can help heal digestive problems because it is extraordinarily rich in butyric acid which works by soothing and reducing inflammation. It also balances the hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach, which are frequently disturbed in those with digestive problems. As an added benefit, Ghee is delicious and makes everything it comes in contact with taste richer and more flavourful!

Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil is also another great oil for your digestive system. Due to the oil’s anti-viral benefits it has the ability to reduce toxins that back up in the bloodstream that lead to a sluggish liver. Because of the way coconut oil is digested, it does not cause digestive upset. Just a tablespoon at meals can have a healing effect. As it boosts your digestive health, it can also in return, boost your brain health and overall sense of wellbeing.

Aloe Vera

Another great way to refresh your gut is through Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera plant is a that has been used for thousands of years for its rejuvenating properties. Fushi’s Aloe Vera Organic Juice is rich in nutrients and boasts an impressive profile of vitamins. Drinking Aloe Vera has been shown to fight inflammation, soothe and relax the digestive tract.

‘Spring’ Salutations

A spring cleanse should also be about our minds and moving the body to feel energised! Feeling lethargic and sluggish is something we can all relate to, especially in the winter months. The new spring season is a great excuse to start moving your body and feeling good. Yoga can help you become more in tune with your body, and more aware of the subtle tensions or imbalances that need addressing.

Through sun salutations you can energise your body and stretch and strengthen all of your major muscle groups. The sun salutations sequence is said to not only to wake up the body but is said to stretch our minds and spirits to the corners of the universe, allowing us to feel the vast expanse of the cosmos within the movement of our bodies. This is seen as ‘a prayer to the sun.’ As we sweep our arms up and bow forward, we honour the earth, the heavens, and all of life between that is nourished by the breath cycle. As we lower our bodies, we connect with the earth, and as we rise up we stretch up reaching the sky. This Yoga movement is an energising sequence that links the body, breath, mind and revitalises every aspect of our being, from physical to spiritual. This is a sequence that will revitalise your mind and put you in the right track for the new season ahead!