When getting into the Christmas spirit it can be tempting to have a tipple too many. While the odd alcoholic beverage is fine, overdoing it - even if it is only for one day - can do permanent damage to your health, not to mention leave you feeling somewhat delicate the next day.

Rather than opting for alcohol, why not try your hand at making your own non-alcoholic cocktails? 'Mocktails' can taste amazing, being festive and are much healthier than their alcoholic alternatives. They are also perfect for family gatherings when you want to get children involved in the festivities.

Mulled apple juice

This is the perfect warming mocktail for the Christmas season and also makes a perfect hot drink to enjoy throughout the day. This BBC Good Food recipe serves eight people and can be reheated.

One litre apple juice
One Cinnamon stick and extra to garnish if wanted
Three cloves
Strips of orange peel
Sugar or honey to taste

Simple simmer the apple juice in a pan with the orange peel, cloves and cinnamon stick for about ten minutes until you can taste the spices in the juice. Add your sugar or honey to sweeten it up and serve in glass mugs with an extra cinnamon stick and another strip of orange juice.

Orange and cranberry spritz

This refreshing spritzer was created by chef James Martin and is a healthy mocktail for any festive gathering. It can be made in bulk so is great for serving in a punch bowl and for making a feature of.

500ml smooth orange juice (fresh is better than from concentrate)
500 ml smooth cranberry juice
400 ml sparkling elderflower drink

Mix the orange and cranberry juices together in a large jug or punch bowl before pouring in the sparkling elderflower. You'll need to pour the sparkling drink in very slowly as it will fizz up when it hits the juice. Mix everything together and add ice to serve.