Coconuts have a huge range of brilliant uses which make them hugely versatile.

We remember using the shells as percussion instruments as kids, not to mention sprinkling coconut flakes onto our baking, for example! Coconut can be a tasty snack, as well as an ingredient for several different sorts of cake!

And when it comes to natural beauty products, coconut oil is much discussed, and can be used on people's hair and skin.

Another coconut product you might have seen in recent years in coconut water, a refreshing and tasty drink which comes from inside coconut fruit.

It has a flavour that's not quite like anything you've ever had before, and the slightly nutty taste certainly has its fans. Celebs have been sipping this exotic treat, which can help to hydrate you and has electrolytes in it.

It's known for containing very little fat. Meanwhile, the drink contains some Vitamin C, as well as potassium. It also has very little cholesterol in it  - another tick for this tasty treat!  

People sometimes like to sip a coconut water with their lunch at work. This can be a nice complement to your daily sandwich because it's tasty - but doesn't have a strong or overly sweet taste. It tastes very natural and won't overpower whatever else you're eating!

It could be great for if you're looking for a caffeine-free drink to indulge in later on in the day at work, too.

Some people find that if they drink too much coffee later on in the afternoon then sleeping is tough, after all!

Coconut water can be bought in a variety of brands and is becoming a commoner and commoner sight in the nation's shops, so why not give a carton a go the next time you fancy a soft drink treat?