When it comes to health and beauty products there are so many natural ingredients that can be beneficial. While some only offer a couple of benefits, others come with a plethora. 

One such ingredient that is a powerful all rounder is Amla, otherwise known as Indian Gooseberry. As well as being used for years for its medicinal properties, Amla also offers a great range of benefits to beauty regimes, especially your hair. 

Amla is a juicy, bitter fruit that generally grows in India and Nepal. While all parts of the fruit can be eaten - apart from its seeds - as it is incredibly sour it is quite difficult to eat whole unless you are used to it, but it is often included in chutneys and juices. A popular way to consume the fruit is as a medicine for a range of ailments from constipation to diabetes.

When it comes to beauty benefits, amla is well known for the amazing effect it has on hair. It contains so many natural nutrients that are important for improving the look, feel and strength of the hair. This makes it a great choice for those with weak or ageing hair and for anyone that it trying to avoid hair loss.  

As the fruit includes high levels of vitamin C it helps to keep hair strong and healthy. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to weak hair that is prone to breakage and hair loss, so having a fruit that is high in this nutrient can stop hair becoming damaged and thin.

It is also incredibly rich in antioxidants, which are great for clearing away toxins that can build up on and in the hair. Toxins cause the hair to age before its time, which can result in thinner locks that turn grey earlier. 

Having high levels of antioxidants means that your hair can stay looking young and beautiful for longer, while also saving you the trouble of having to cover up any grey strands.     

As well as reducing hair loss and thinning, amla also helps to encourage hair growth. It contains a large amount of fatty acids, which are essential for healthy hair, which can help your locks to grow better, faster and healthier.

It is a perfect choice for those that are trying to grow their hair or are attempting fight against thinning tresses, as it helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp when massaged into the hair. The extra blood in the scalp allows the hair follicles to function better, improving the quality of the hair and the speed at which it is being grown.

Amla oil is incredibly conditioning and deep cleansing, making it a good choice for those that suffer from a flaky scalp. 

Having dandruff can be an embarrassing problem and it can be difficult to find products that deal with it successfully. Due to the highly conditioning nature of amla oil, it helps to prevent dry skin on the scalp, which flakes and causes dandruff. The deep cleansing ability will also help to clear away any scaling skin, allowing people to enjoy being dandruff free.

Not only does this super fruit benefit the hair in terms of strength and length, but it will leave your locks looking amazingly shiny, feeling gorgeously soft and making it much more manageable.