One healthy living tip that most people who smoke will have heard before is that they ought to give up the habit – but that doesn’t mean it isn't an important piece of advice!

Interestingly, though, one in four smokers taking part in one recent survey felt that money provided them with a bigger motivation to give up than the impact smoking had when it came to their health in the long term.

Furthermore, according to the British Heart Foundation statistics, close to one in three of the smokers involved said their kids or relatives hated the fact that they smoked.

One in four said they didn’t enjoy smoking as much as they used to as a result of the higher level of guilt they felt in relation to the habit. These statistics were released in the run up to No Smoking Day, March 13th.

Close to a fifth of the sample said they would be able to buy more things for relatives if they gave up their habit. And more than one in three felt guilty over how much of their money goes towards smoking.

The charity is encouraging people who smoke to consider the fact that they will benefit financially from giving up.

A special calculator tool that can be found online allows people to input the number of cigarettes they smoke, then find out how much cash they could save by quitting. 

So by giving up a ten-a-day habit, for example, the calculator suggests someone could make a £1278 saving over a year.

That could be used to buy enough beautiful smelling herbal shampoo to last a very long time – something that will make your hair smell much nicer than cigarette smoke would!

"More than 750,000 smokers will attempt to quit on No Smoking Day on Wednesday 13 March so why not get ready to join in and reward yourself and your family with the money you save when you ‘swap fags for swag’," suggested Dr Mike Knapton, BHF Associate Medical Director.