The area around your eyes is incredibly sensitive, but it also very revealing. Your eye area can tell people if you are tired, stressed or upset, even if they don't know you. They also affect how you look in a way that is hard to disguise with makeup and can make you feel self-conscious. However, there are ways that you can reduce puffy eyes and avoid looking tired and stressed.


The skin around your eyes is different from the rest of your face in that it is more sensitive and stores oils or fluid, which can add to puffiness. For this reason you shouldn't use heavy oils or creams that are designed for the rest of the face as they can lead to puffiness and permanent under-eye bags.

In order to help get rid of some of the fluid build-up that could be contributing to puffy skin around the eyes, a light massage can help. While you shouldn't pull the skin too much - this can cause it to stretch, resulting in bags and wrinkles - a gentle massage can be really beneficial.

Apply light pressure with your index finger and move it in gentle circular motions under the eye and over the eye lid. The goal is to move the fluids away from the area, so work from the eye outwards.

Cold water

Poor circulation in your face and around your eyes can result in puffy skin. A simple way to reduce and avoid puffiness is to improve circulation so that blood and fluids move around better and don't settle under the eyes.

A simple way to improve circulation is to splash your face and eye area with cold water. Make sure you don't rub the water in, just lightly splash it before patting your face dry. As cold water can dry the skin, it is important to moisturise afterwards.

Tea bags

Many people seem to think that putting rea bags over your eyes to reduce puffiness is an old wives tale, but in actual fact it is incredibly effective. Placing cold, damp tea bags over closed eyes for five to ten minutes can improve circulation and tighten skin.

Not only does the cold tea bag work in the same way as cold water by improving circulation and reducing fluid build-up, but tea also naturally contains tannin, which helps to tighten skin. This can help get rid of puffiness, brighten the eye area and reduce the signs of ageing - such as crows feet.

Change your diet

As well as treatments to reduce puffiness around the eyes, there are things you can change in your diet that will help stop it from becoming an issue. 

A high intake of salt can cause swelling and bloating throughout your body - and that includes your eyes - and so cutting this out, or at least cutting down your intake, can be highly beneficial. Use natural alternatives to salt - such as samphire, capers, or anchovies - so you are still getting the flavour but you are not causing issues with your skin.

You should also ensure that you drink plenty of water. Not only is water beneficial for your whole body, but it helps to flush toxins - such as sodium - from your skin, which can brighten in, reduce spots and - most importantly - help stop puffy eyes.