We love the taste of blueberries - and we hope you do too!

These moreish morsels just have such an interesting flavour that’s unique in the fruit world.

Since we enjoy the odd blueberry or two, it’s a good job these critters have such a good health reputation!

They’ve got some great nutrients going on in them, and they can be used for a huge number of different things - besides simply being nibbled on their own, of course, which they’re great for!

Blueberry action in the kitchen

One great thing about blueberries is you can bring them out in such a range of situations.

For example, if you fancy a smoothie these can be a wonderful addition, partly because of their flavour, and also because of the exciting colour they will create!

We also like the fact that they’re a no-fuss fruit. When you buy a pack of berries, you can just rinse some, throw them into the smoothie makers and you’re done!

For the same reason, they’re great when you want a little extra fruit - think on top of cereal, or when you want to make some calcium-boasting natural yogurt that bit more exciting.

We think they’re brilliant in fruit salads too, and those are just some of the options when it comes to preparing these sweet little treats!
Healthy living treat

Blueberries are just one of those foods that you hear talked about a lot in relation to healthy living.

Of course variety is a big buzzword of healthy eating, but blueberries are one food which could definitely be a fantastic part of that variety.

You won’t be surprised to hear that, like lots of our fave fruits, they boast Vitamin C among their nutrients.

Vitamin C has to be one of the most discussed vitamins out there, and its list of benefits is substantial. For example, it plays a part in helping the immune system do its job.

And another great thing about blueberries is that they don’t contain very much fat or calories, which also helps to make them a healthy choice. They’ve also got fibre in them.

This fantastic food is good when it comes to salt, too, in the sense that blueberries have little of this in them, and we all want to avoid having too much of it!

We all seem to be after antioxidants these days, too, and blueberries boast these.

So hopefully you’ll be inspired by our little overview of these brill berries, and want to give them a go!

Luckily, they’re very easy to get hold of and, like we say, unlike some fruits where preparation might seem like a chore, they take next to no effort before they’re ready to pop in your mouth - or whatever mouth-watering treat you’re creating with them!