No matter what your favourite hobby is, there often comes a point when you dream of having a space designed entirely for you to enjoy it in.

Yoga is no different. If you've recently taken up this hobby, you may well be feeling its benefits already, and be desperate to practice as much as you can.

You might also be starting to think that it would be good to have your own special space to enjoy yoga at home.

Here are just a few tips that could help you create your dream yoga space, with only a little time and effort.

Pick your room

One of the great things about yoga is that you really don't need much space to practice in - so even that relatively small spare room you've been wondering what to do with could work, so long as it's big enough for you to stretch in and go through all the poses you'll want to do.

Decorate as you wish

This is your space, where you'll be enjoying a hobby that's special to you. As such, you shouldn't have to put up with a paint colour or style that doesn't suit your needs.

The best thing for you to do would be to style the room so that it makes you feel happy, relaxed and ready to enjoy yoga, and of course the way to achieve this will differ from person to person.

If you're wondering exactly what sort of decoration to use, why not simply opt for something very simple, like plain walls in white or another soothing shade?

Keep it ventilated

You may well want to make sure your room has a window that can open in it, and also a radiator. This way, you can control the temperature and make sure you stay comfortable while you do yoga, be it on a very hot, stuffy day, or on a chilly winter evening!

Kit your room out with the right equipment

One great thing about yoga is that, despite the variety it offers, it doesn't actually need you to invest in much specialist equipment.

However, you will certainly want to get some yoga equipment in place for your room. And you might want to invest in two of each item, so that you've always got one ready to use in your yoga space, and another to take with you when you attend classes.


Yoga mats are of course one of the most important pieces of yoga equipment. There are a wide variety of types to choose from, made from a variety of different materials.

Considerations you might want to keep in mind include colour. This is obviously something that is down to personal preference, but it's also possible you might want to match you mat to the shades you've chosen for the yoga space you've created.

Some of the brands you might want to look into include Agoy, Jade Yoga and Dragonfly Yoga, to name just three.


Yoga towels can be used on top of a yoga mat. Again, you may wish to invest in one or more of these to use while practicing yoga either outside the home or in your new yoga space. As with yoga mats, various colours and brands are available to choose from.

There are also hand towels available that can be used while you're doing yoga, to help you stay as comfortable as possible.

Other yoga equipment

Other equipment that may have a place in your yoga space include specialist yoga cushions, yoga blocks and yoga balls.

And one more thing... 

Before you start enjoying your yoga room, remember that you should be sure you know what you're doing first. You don't want to risk injury by attempting a move in the wrong way, so it's a good idea to learn in a class with an expert teacher, or in a situation when you can be absolutely clear you're doing yoga correctly, before you attempt to practice unaided.