Sophie Kalinauckas
Health & Wellbeing writer

Pour a splash of exotic all over your body with some Ancient beauty secrets, you’ll be as ripe as a passion fruit and as fresh as a gooseberry this summer, writes Sophie Kalinauckas

With summer in our not so far sights, we’re already thinking about our new, seasonal beauty look; the glowing skin of Africa, the vivacious hair of Asia and the plump lips of the Europe; with holidays on our minds the exotic look seems like the wanted look on every ‘body’s’ lips! If we head back to the past, we can find essential Ancient wisdom which has inspired our beauty habits throughout history. Beauty products are often a blend of science and creativity but there are few natural ingredients which never let us down so we continue to borrow them; if we look back history teaches us that organic beauty is the way forward. Our beauty heroines of the past have taught as many on-going tricks of the trade such as Cleopatra and her heavy black eyeliner and Nefertiti’s flawless eyebrows so let’s dive back into history and explore some more Ancient beauty secrets with exotic beauty oils, hair oils, anti-ageing oils and antioxidants for the skin.


Tamanu Oil is actually known as the Ancient skin healer, originating from the Tamanu trees of tropical countries of Thailand, Malaysia, South India and the Melanesian Islands of Vanuatu it has been used for thousands of years as a skin rejuvenator. The fragrant oil is stored secretly inside the natural kernels of the nut found inside the fruit of the Tamanu Tree. Traditional natives would use Tamanu Oil to treat any skin issue from ulcers, cuts, rashes, to insect bites, stings, sores and sunburn. The tropical oil was regarded as medicine for native users but also had an everyday use as a deodorant due its pecan ice-cream like aroma.

Modern research has further proven Tamanu Oil’s organic beauty benefits as a healer for skin conditions. Beauty experts have claimed its anti-inflammatory characteristics and its ability to boost the formation of brand new skin tissue. The oil seeps deep into your skin tissues to promote this new growth. This traditional, tropical oil is an exotic anti-ageing ingredient which will leave you glowing healthy with literally younger skin. How more exotic can you get than using oil picked from the exotic trees of South East Asia and trying a Tamanu facial to create a soothe and sumptuous glow.


Passion Seed Oil is found from the beautifully exotic seeds of the Passionflower plant and has an abundance of beauty and skin benefits. The oil is rich in vitamins and potassium which are the golden ingredients for nourishing the skin. It has anti-bacterial characteristics too which means it is particularly healing for skin conditions such as acne. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and a natural anti-itch which means it further can benefit irritated skin. Passion Seed Oil comes from the word Maracuja which originates from the Amazon; it has been used for centuries by the Aztec civilisation for healing and medicine in the heart of the rainforest. Its Ancient healing powers go beyond just beauty benefits as it can help aid sleep, boost relaxation and decrease anxiety.

Probably its most common benefit is its emollient property which means it can be used as an excellent light moisturiser. It penetrates readily into the skin and acts as barrier to stop any moisture leaking out. In this way, it keeps skin hydrated without leaving it greasy. Try just a few drops of the oil in your hands, rubbing it gently onto your face. You can try a full on facial by combining it with coconut oil to slightly dilute it. It will provide an abundance of antioxidants for the skin and will leave you with a fresh exotic radiance. What’s more it can act as a moisturiser for your hair and nails too.


Looking to another exotic, tropical tree there is wealth of beauty benefits from the Amalaki, the Indian Gooseberry. The name comes from the Hindi word Amla which means sour and is used to described the Indian fruit tree of the sour-tasting gooseberries. Amalaki is Sanskrit and it is often nicknamed as the ‘mother’ or the ‘nurse’ which is representative of its healing qualities. The Indian Gooseberry has been used for thousands of years in Asian medicine because of its main ingredient Chyavanprash which can be described as a nutritive jam filled with high concentrations of vitamin C. For the exotic look Amalaki can be used to promote healthy and beautiful hair.

Amalaki was traditionally used to maintain natural hair colour and can work wonders for a variety of hair insecurities for example it prevents dandruff and premature greying and also stops hair from malting or falling out. It also boosts a natural shine, and nourishes hair from the root to the tip which means it enhances softness throughout. This is due to its abundance of fatty acids which work to keep hair strong and nourished. Why not try a conditioning treatment and mix Amalaki with yoghurt and gently wash it out after a shampoo and watch your locks transform.


The power of the Baobab super-fruit is another one to know about! The African ‘feel good fruit’ is packed with vitamin C, six times more than an orange and is full to the brim with potassium and magnesium. What makes it so super is that is has the highest number of antioxidants in a fruit in the world. The fruit is picked from the Baobab Tree of Africa which has been growing for thousands of years and is nicknamed the African Tree of Life because it is known to be one of the longest living trees on earth. The Baobab Tree stands as a defining icon in the bushland of Africa and is the reason behind the glowing, youthful skin of the African communities. It is the powder from the fruit which dries on the trees which is extracted and has been digested and used as part of an African diet for as long as remembered.

Your digestive health is strongly linked to your skin’s condition. This is why the powder is so powerful as it works from the inside out, it literally feeds the skin from the inside. It offers a package of vitamins, potassium, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which provide superior nutrition when you take it internally. You can add it to smoothies or a bowl of cereal, as a tropical tang topping and your’ll be feeling more and more exotic which eat mouthful.

Try these top 4 Ancient secrets from tropical trees and exotic lands and transform into an exotic goddess with gorgeous hair and glowing skin.