Have you ever seen a picture of a starflower? No, it’s not something straight from the pages of a children’s book, but a real flower that grows in a variety of places.

When you do see one, it’s likely the beauty of these galactic-sounding blooms will strike you straight away.

Shaped almost like a star, it definitely looks as if these flowers could have something special about them. And they do, in the form of their seeds.

Another name for the starflower plant - though one that perhaps doesn’t sound quite as magical - is borage. That’s probably why the oil that is made from the plant’s seeds is called borage oil!

This is not the only plant to be responsible for a well-known oil of course. The likes of flax seed oil and coconut oil are also derived from plants. 

This exciting oil can be used on your skin. Massage the oil onto parts of this important area of the body and you could see benefits from this. 

People recommend this oil to those suffering from dry skin, a condition which, as people who have been through it will attest, can be a real nuisance.

What is there inside?

Inside borage oil is GLA, gamma linoleic acid. In fact, the oil is a particularly rich source of this substance, which is what is known as an essential fatty acid.

As well as being used on the skin, it’s possible to consume the oil orally.

If you’re considering making use of the oil, have a word with your Doctor, to confirm you’re making the right move.

American recommendation

Only very recently, Borage oil softgel capsules had a high-profile American recommendation on The Doctor Oz Show. For those who haven’t heard of it, this is a US TV show which Dr Mehmet Oz presents.

On the programme last week, the capsules were recommended as a facial moisturiser.

Talking about affordable anti-aging recommendations, Lora Condon, a beauty consultant, said:  “For moisturising your skin, you’re gonna be shocked, we have borage oil here. It comes in a little capsule, you just take this capsule, we’re gonna demonstrate.”

Putting some oil from one Borage oil capsule on host Dr. Oz’s hand, she explained that a small amount of the substance “goes a long way” meaning people won’t necessarily have to use very much of it.

“I’m just going to massage, it goes right in very, very easy so it feels really, really good,” she said.

The beauty consultant also said she used excess oil on her cuticles, on the skin around her eye and as a way of conditioning her eyebrows. “It feels really amazing,” she enthused.

Explaining the reason behind its effectiveness, Ms Condon added: “It has tons of omega oils in it [...] it’s very anti-inflammatory, so if your skin is a little irritated - sometimes I even put it in the fridge a little bit, to cool it down, so it really helps with inflammation in the skin.”

Ms Lora Condon was in good company on this edition of the Dr Oz show as it also saw actress Gwyneth Paltrow appear and give an interview to  Dr Oz in the studio.

Posted by Freya Harper