If you're using the new year as a reason to uncover the new you, dealing with cellulite can help you to become more confident with your body. Many people who work to lose weight and tone their bodies up still find that they aren't happy with how they look because of their cellulite. 

Cellulite is when fat deposits are visible beneath the skin, which causes it to look dimpled. There are a number of causes behind this happening and anyone can develop cellulite. The condition is more common in women, with around 80 per cent of all females developing cellulite.

While it isn't a health problem, it can be confidence-destroying, especially for those working hard to achieve the body they have always wanted. Luckily there are some foods that have been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite that can be easily fit into a healthy diet.


Water has been proven to be the best thing for getting rid of cellulite and it is also a vital part of any healthy diet. Keeping your hydration levels up is important for the skin and can help to maintain elasticity, as well as keeping your skin looking plump. This helps to hide the appearance of cellulite.

You can also eat foods that have high water content, such as celery, cucumbers, melons, leafy vegetables and grapes. Eating more of these will provide your body with more water and also ensure you are taking in the right amount of calories, which stops fat cells from forming.


Dark berries like cherries, blueberries, blackberries and other types of the fruit help to control your insulin levels and don't raise your blood sugar as quickly as other fruits. 

They are also chock full of antioxidants, which help to break down fat cells that are attached to connective tissue. This stops the fat being pushed up under the skin and causing cellulite.


Cellulite can be caused by a hormone imbalance, which can be dealt with by eating raw nuts. Although they don't look like much, nuts have high levels of plant sterols, which serve to increase male testosterone and female progesterone. Increasing these hormones can reduce overactive estrogen.

To make the most of this great compound, try eating nuts that have high amounts of it, such as walnuts, almonds, pecans and peanuts.

Green tea

Green tea has a number of health and beauty benefits, including fighting cellulite. Some studies have suggested that drinking green tea can help to speed up your metabolism, which helps to cut down on the amount of fat stored in your body. This in turn helps to smooth out your skin.

In order to get the most out of green tea, it is advised to drink it regularly throughout the day.

Dark chocolate

Many people will cut out all chocolate from their diet when adopting healthy eating but dark chocolate can be beneficial. Not only does it help to curb your cravings for sweet foods, it contains antioxidants that help to break down cellulite. 

Dark chocolate also helps to keep skin cells functioning correctly, as well as all other cells in the body. Eating a small amount every day can help to keep your metabolism boosted.