If you’ve come to our news pages while browsing out site for eco-friendly gifts, the chances are you’re the kind of person who might already know about the wonderful Climate Week.

The week kicked off on March 4th and will carry on going until March 10th – that’s this coming Sunday.

The biggest campaign in Britain to focus on the subject of climate change, it sees some 500,000 people head to 3,000 events across the nation every year.

The man in your life might have come across the occasion too, given that it’s taking on a football flavoured twist this Saturday (March 9th).

On that date, participating football clubs are set to add a green twist to the games they play. 

"I encourage clubs, from players to ground staff, to plan their own Climate Week Match. If every club can kickoff more sustainably then we can call time on Football’s environmental impact," commented famed footballer Gary Neville on the Climate Week website.

One tip the week’s website provides is that people shower for short periods rather than bathe as a way of saving water.

Meanwhile, using the washing machine on a 30 degree setting, instead of the hotter 40 degrees can save energy, it says.

And using curtains and draught excluders can mean a home is better insulated and the heating doesn’t have to be turned up so high during winter.

Walking rather than jumping in the car can also help the environment, as Living Streets chief executive Tony Armstrong has suggested in the past.

"We’re turning into a nation which relies on cars for even short journeys and its no secret that this reliance has a negative impact on our environment," he said.

"Walking is the most carbon friendly form of transport there is," he added.

The activity is also a great healthy living option, of course.

"Regular walking can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis," Mr Armstrong said.

Posted by Sam Wallace.