It's summer - and the great thing is that means that lots of us will be planning brilliant beach holidays.

But there's nothing worse than arriving at the beach when you've travelled miles and realising that your hair isn't looking as brilliant as you'd like. You want lovely locks that will look full of health in those holiday snaps, right?

Try these three oils for bringing a brilliant boost to your hair when it comes to your beach break.  

Classic coconut

Conditioning coconut oil is a great addition to your holiday beauty kit, and if you're headed somewhere tropical, it's the perfect fit for your location!

Not only will you possibly be drinking gorgeous coconut water on the beach, your hair could also be relishing this brilliant oil, which can be rubbed into the scalp and hair to bring about a range of benefits.

Anyone who's worried that dandruff might leave them feeling embarrassed on the beach could benefit from this oil's dandruff-beating properties, too!

Amazing avocado

Another of our favourite fruits is also behind another of our favourite oils! From Vitamin D, to Vitamin A and Vitamin E, there's lots of nutrient action going on in this oil.

It can be used in a similar way to coconut oil, so you could try both to see which is the most effective on your hair. Then take both with you when you head away, or just your favourite!

Awesome argan  

Containing Vitamin E and Vitamin A, this amazing oil is brilliantly moisturising and like all the oils we've been looking at today, will work on skin as well as on your hair - a multi-purpose fact that could come into its own for holiday packing!

Which oils will you be using when you head away this year? Tell us on Twitter and share the hair care fun!