The start of September spells back to work, back to school and back to that same old routine. After weeks of sunning yourself in the garden, diving back into the routine of work, school pick-ups, cooking, cleaning and everything else we’re expected to do can often lead to a lack of energy that even a good night’s sleep can’t shake off. But before you reach for that cup of coffee, try these natural fatigue fighters, perfect for women who just don’t have the time to wait for an energy boost.


Nobody expects you to whip out your yoga mat and spend hours perfecting your inner zen, but there are many on-the-go yoga positions that can give you that instant energy boost a busy woman needs. A particularly effective and speedy stance is the ‘spinal flex’. Here, you sit with legs crossed, whilst holding onto your calves or shins. Breathe in deeply and lift your chest forward and up. Continue breathing in and out as you move your chin to your chest. Continue this for three minutes, increasing the speed. This movement releases blocked energy in the spine and gives you an instantaneous ‘oomph’.

Boosting breakfast

Eating a high-fibre breakfast sets you up for the rest of the day, as these slow-burning nutrients keep you full and ensure your body ticks over fatigue free. However, if you forgot to have a wholesome breakfast, it’s not too late to get an instant energy lift. Instead of reaching for chocolate or sweets, try a cereal bar instead, a banana or some nuts. Sugary foods do perk you up, but the lift is temporary and you’ll end up crashing on your computer 20 minutes later. A high-fibre treat picks you up and keeps you going.

Vigorous vitamins

Lack of energy can easily be cured by caffeine-free supplements. Packed with vitamins, Energiplex combats sleepiness with a mighty concoction of iron, zinc, and all the vitamins under the sun. This natural remedy kick-starts your body into action, as well as doing wonders for the rest of your body. Attentive and attractive, Energiplex is the perfect option for health-conscious individuals with a busy and active lifestyle.

Posted by Freya Harper