Skincare is high on the agenda of many people during the summer months, when chances are it needs a bit of boost, some extra hydration and added protection.

But what products are best and why is organic a good idea?

1: They're great for sensitive skin

One of the main benefits of natural beauty products is that they contain no harsh chemicals, likely to irritate or adversely affect the skin.

While most people won't have sensitive skin, covering it in chemicals daily can help make it more vulnerable, reducing its ability to protect us against the elements.

Paul Williams, director of Gentle Beauty Limited, argues: "If we put a lot of aggressive chemicals onto our skin, we actually compromise the skin's ability to protect us."

2: They can ease daily skin damage

Think of the everyday strains and stresses we put our skin through. From shaving, to applying deodorant, swimming in chlorine and over-exposure to UV rays, adding in harsh chemicals could add to this potential damage.

Naturally occurring ingredients can work in harmony with the skin, injecting moisture with essential oils and protecting against unwanted damage and dryness during the warmer months.

3: Chemical risks are not fully understood

By looking on the back of most skincare and beauty products chances are you'll notice a long list of chemicals. You're unlikely to understand each one and the damage they could inflict over time is unknown even by many experts.

Mr Williams claims: "We don't know what effects these chemical products are having in the main. It is a very hard life for the skin."

By relying on only natural ingredients this can eliminate any potential risks of using harsh chemicals, many of which are included merely to add artificial smells, textures and preservatives rather than to care for the skin.

Posted by Laura Andrews