As well as calming your mind, decreasing stress and toning your body, yoga can do wonders for your upper body strength.

Not only does this mean you'll be better equipped to carry, lift and let's face it, show off, you'll have amazingly toned arms.

Working on muscle definition doesn't have to mean heavy weights. According to instructor Maria Rodale, yoga does the exact same trick - in a much more female-friendly way.

These top three yoga positions will have you showing your arms off, despite this cold weather, in no time.

Dolphin pose

Make sure you have a yoga mat before you practice this move.

Begin on all fours. Place your forearms on the mat, shoulder-width apart.

Push your legs further forward, so that they are fully straight, keeping your hands on the floor.

When your legs are as straight as possible, walk as far towards your hands as you can, keeping your shoulders directly over your elbows.

This position puts almost all the emphasis on the top of your arms - helping to sculpture and define them - particularly great if you want to get rid of any 'bingo arms' you might have.


Despite not being the most elegant sounding name, the plank could give you some incredibly elegant arms.

Just as before, begin on all fours. This time, however, ensure that your palms are flat against the floor.

Step back on your toes and support your body weight with your hands - almost as if you were doing a press up.

Make sure your whole body is in one straight line.

"Firm the upper, outer edges of your arms in to release the base of your neck and extend your chest, and distribute the weight on your knuckles evenly," Ms Rodale advises.

Forearm plank

Just as with the plank, start on all fours as if you were about to do a sit up.

This time, however, rest your shoulders to the floor and have your forearms ahead of you.

Forearm plank really puts the pressure on the top of your arms - the exact part you want properly sculpting.

Posted by Matilda Jones