Wrapping paper is not only a complete nuisance to tidy up; it’s incredibly harmful to the environment.

When making your Christmas preparations this year, why not prepare to lessen the burden on the environment?

Being eco-friendly can save you money, as well as marking your presents out as a bit more original!

Use a container

There are plenty of boxes in shops that are absolutely beautifully decorated.

Not only will this make your present that bit more special, the box can be re-used time and time again - making it a completely eco-friendly gift.

If you fancy being even more original, why not get out an old shoe box or cardboard box (depending on the size of your gift), and decorate it to the high heavens!

It could save you a few pennies as well.

Best direction

If you’ve got an old map knocking about, try using that instead of wrapping paper.

This idea is completely original and arty, and will certainly make your recipient remember your present.

You can even make the wrapping that extra bit personal by using a map from the place you met your loved one, or a place that’s memorable to the both of you.

Make it part of the gift

Everyone loves a present - even more when it’s two!

A great idea is to put two presents in one. For example, wrap a gift up in a scarf, or give your friend who loves cooking a cooking book in a mixing bowl.

Natural decorations

Decorations for your presents and your house can be found in your back garden, saving you some cash and making your home a lot more unique.

Sprigs of holly, twigs, pinecones and sprigs of berries make for beautiful seasonal decorations.

Recycle cloth and paper ribbons

Simply have a look at what pieces of material you’ve got lying about, and turn them into wrapping paper!

Pin the cloth together so that it can be used again and again.

Posted by Sam Wallace