Many people work as hard as they can on a pre-Christmas diet, getting themselves down to their ideal size in time for the party season.

There's no point in all that hard work if it's going to go to pot after Christmas.

If you want to ensure that you stay as healthy as possible after December, or you've got a friend that you know wants to keep in shape, have a think about these healthy gift ideas.

Gardening gifts

Some new bulbs, gardening tools or gardening gloves could be exactly what your loved one needs to tempt them into the garden after Christmas.

Gardening is a great way to keep in shape without even realising you're doing exercise.

Herbal teas

Many people don't feel that they could splash out on herbal teas for themselves, so getting them as a gift for someone is a great idea.

Not only are they a perfect break to a day, they're full of antioxidants so they're really good for you.


If you want to get your kids away from their computers, buy them a physical toy, such as a space hopper or a trampoline.

You'd be surprised how much kids still love heading outdoors for a bit of fun. Let's face it; adults wouldn't mind a bounce about on a trampoline either.


With the promise of snow lingering in the air, a sledge is a perfect seasonal gift.

It's a great gift for the whole family, as you can all go out and have a festive day together.

Couples can also enjoy some innocent fun in the snow together with a sledge.

Healthy cooking books

To encourage your loved one to really stick to their healthy eating regime, get them a healthy eating cook book.

This will ensure that they stay on the straight and narrow post Christmas while making some delicious meals.

Posted by Matilda Jones