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Sophie Kalinauckas
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What do you call a vegetable with a sense of humour? A carrot top! And to top it off the positivity’s of carrots don’t stop there, Carrot Oil/Carrot Seed Oil is a healing, powerful essential oil which has a plethora of beauty and well-being uses. It is often nick named ‘Wild Carrot’ or ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’ and is mainly attained from the wild carrots of Europe. Organic Carrot Oil is extracted from the seeds of carrots through a distillation process. Modern medical studies have proven its anti-bacterial qualities, along with its ability to lubricate skin cells on the top layer of your skin.

The thick orange paste is most powerful in its purest form and is probably most celebrated for its moisturising benefits for the skin. Our skin can dehydrate very easily as moisture evaporates from our skin but Carrot Oil softens skin tissues and keeps moisture locked in. This is why Carrot Oil is particularly effective in treating skin irritations such as eczema and acne. Its magical powers don’t stop there in its healing properties: it is anti-viral and anti-septic meaning it can cure many infections, it is a stimulant which boosts circulation and metabolic functions and it is also a detoxifier which eliminates toxins from the blood, tissues and internal organs such as the liver.

Let’s explore the benefits from carrot top to tip!

    Carrot oil is a stress reliever; it has a soothing and soft earthy aroma which works to relieve stress, anxiety and exhaustion: the greatest villains of ageing skin, wrinkles and stretch marks! It contains ascorbic acid which is known to deliver anti-ageing effects. The anti-ageing oil also contains beta carotene, which is a strong anti-oxidant known to maintain healthy skin. Its detoxifying powers fight skin problems but also help to prevent wrinkles and liver spots.
    Tips: Coat your skin with carrot oil before bedtime or mix the oil with a simple moisturiser (like coconut oil) and give your whole body a facial (a bacial!)

    Carrot oil is rich in Vitamins A and E which means it is particularly useful for those dark bags under our eyes which we constantly battle with. Not only that remember the old wives tale that carrots will help you see in the dark, well in actual fact Carrot Oil can improve eyesight because of its abundance of Vitamin A. Vitamin A supports the surface of the eye and the mucous membranes which maintains an effective barrier and reduces the risk of infections.
    Tips: Apply a few drops of Carrot Oil under your eyes first thing in the morning and then last thing at night for best effects.

    Carrot believe it (!) but Carrot Oil can give you a natural self tan. Because of its regenerative skin qualities it keeps skin soft and smooth but also glowing! It boosts your suntan by increasing the production of melanin which is the pigment which determines skin colour.

Tips: Add Carrot Oil to your shower gel before stepping out into the sun.

    Did you know that most sun protectors actually contain elements of Carrot Oil? This is because it protects and treats skin to the damaging effects of Ultraviolet Radiation. Because the Organic Skin Oil contains high quantities of carotenoids these work to protect cells from harmful attacks like URV and pollution as well.
    Tips: Have a bath after sun exposure and add drops of Carrot Oil to soak the body and create a relaxing aroma.

    Carrot Oil is full of nutrients and it is again the Vitamins A and E which are especially effective in strengthening hair and boosting shine. Carrot Oil stimulates hair growth by strengthening hair roots which in turns makes hair softer and shinier. Dry hair is often the result of the sun or pollution and Carrot Oil can act as a permanent protector of the hair and scalp.
    Tips: Use carrot oil as a hair mask for 20 minutes or use it as a pre-shampoo.

It seems like a little Carrot Oil goes a long way so whether you’re looking for that anti-ageing therapy, a sun-kissed glow, a natural sun protector or a dry hair treatment Carrot Oil is the only product you need for all!

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