As we go about our daily activities, our nails are often placed in the firing line. They get bent back, snagged on clothes, and scratched on surfaces, so it is important that from time to time we give nails some TLC.

Having a tried and tested routine that works for you is always best and there are some great products out there to ensure your nails remain healthy.

Give nails a boost

The first step to having long and strong nails is to give them a helping hand with a boosting and rejuvenating tonic.

Try a skin, hair and nail kit to sort out the rest of your body while you're at it, or try the Skin Hair & Nails Horsetail & Burdock Herbal Beauty Drink.

With a celebrity following, including Salma Hayek, this tonic contains essential nutrients, such as Trikatu, which helps circulation. Its Silica, Red Clover and Burdock root content will also strengthen nails and purify the body.

What's great about this drink is that you can have it while on the go. Simply put the tonic in with your water and ensure you consume 15ml daily to feel the effects.

However, remember that Red Clover is a phyto-oestrogen and cannot be used by people with oestrogen dependent cancers.

Keep them trim

Once your nails start to grow it is important that you keep them trimmed and filed, so they take on a nice shape. Don't forget to have a good pair of nail clippers and file to help you sculpt them.

To get a rounded tip, be sure to go with the grain of your nail when you're filing them. However, a word of caution, don't cut nails too far as this can expose and damage the nail bed.

Don't neglect the finishing touches

A nice lick of varnish will finish off your nails and showcase them at their best. However, if you prefer the natural look, leave them bare but be sure to have a nail and cuticle buffer on hand to keep them shiny and healthy.

Posted by Laura Andrews