It seems that women are never happy with their hair - it's either too short, too long, too curly, too straight or just too messy.

If you're in that awkward in-between stage where your hair just won't seem to grow, there's often a temptation just to cut it off for a definitive style.

But if you're sure that you want to grow it, try these top tips for tip-top hair growth - your hair will be shiny, healthy and long in no time!

Cool down

Many women damage their hair on a daily basis with excessive use of hair dryers and hair straighteners.

"When using straighteners, don’t clamp them too tightly into your hair; it is far better to take small sections at a time and gently glide the plates through the hair rather than pull your hair and causing damage," advises celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill.

Using this technique and towel drying when possible will save your ends from becoming split - promoting healthy hair growth.

Sleep tight

Many people would be surprised to know that sleep deprivation can contribute to hair loss.

However, not sleeping well affects lots of your bodily systems, including hair growth. This is because when we sleep our bodies rejuvenate and repairs.

As if you needed another excuse to get your 40 winks…


Stress can wreak havoc on your tresses, so try and stay as zen as possible if you want your hair to grow.

A good way to keep cool is by practising some simple yoga moves. Simply with your knees close to your chest. Stretch your knees out to either side, and gently press the bottoms of your feet together. These should help you to breathe easier and stay nice and calm.

Eat red meat

Not getting enough iron and protein shows in your hair.

"Protein is essential for the maintenance of hair growth as your hair is essentially made up of protein and amino acids," hair loss clinic The Belgravia Centre.

It also claims that there’s a strong correlation between anaemia and hair loss - an illness caused by lack of iron.

Posted by Freya Harper