Some of us like to mix things up with our breakfast, trying something different every day. But the truth is more of us probably get into the routine of having the same things daily, just because that's easy.

Cereal might well be the option you go for - and one of the reasons is that it's sensationally simple to prepare!

If you are a morning cereal muncher, here are some ideas that could help bring new excitement to your bowl.

Go nuts!

There's a huge amount of buzz around walnuts and their potential health benefits, so why not make breakfast an excuse to add these to your diet?

Walnuts can be bought in pieces, which are great for baking or for sprinkling on cereal for a crunchy, tasty addition. If you buy halves, and want to sprinkle smaller pieces, simply crush them before adding to cereal.

As a great addition to a good diet when it comes to healthy living, walnuts pack nutrients like zinc and magnesium, and give you lots of fabulous fibre!

Sprinkle on the nutrients

There's are some easy ways to add extra nutrients to your morning cereal on offer here at Fushi.

For example, we recommend our wonderful Goji Berry Superfood Powder for sprinkling onto this breakfast staple before you tuck-in!

This contains antioxidant-packed goji berries, a popular healthfood item which features vitamins and minerals.

Our Acai Berry Superfood Powder also come recommended for use on top of cereals. It's a convenient, powdered, freeze-dried Acai berry from Brazil and contains protein, fibre and other goodness.

Meanwhile the Organic Maca Superfood Powder we offer contains Maca, which has wonderful minerals and B-vitamins within.

For each powder, a sprinkle of between one and three teaspoons in smoothies or on cereal is advised - or use as a healthcare practitioner tells you to.

Fantastic fruit

No one can deny that fruit is a great healthy living choice, and with a huge number of different tasty varieties to choose from, this type of food can help add variety to life and breakfast time.

Will you go for brilliant banana? It's incredibly easy to prepare for cereal; simply peel and chop. It also has a great taste and a whole list of nutrients to offer you in the morning!

Famed for their high level of potassium, bananas are a source of vitamin C, as well as containing both manganese and magnesium.

Some apple, cut into small pieces, could also be a great and sweet topping. Again, you'll be adding vitamin C to your meal by garnishing it with this juicy option!

The same can be said for blueberries, which are great for quick prep as they are already bite-size as soon as they're picked! Simply rinse and sprinkle atop your breakfast to enjoy these tasty treats.

Peaches are so soft and lovely to eat, and are also great for vitamin C content. Just slice or cube and add to your bowl.