Roses have been a symbol of love and beauty throughout the ages, and have been found everywhere from Egyptian tombs to the banner of the Tudors. Indeed, it is thought that ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra - famous for her ahead-of-her-time beauty secrets - doused herself in rose petal oil to improve her skin. 

However, the beneficial uses of roses are not merely a thing of the past. To this day, Rose Petal Oil is a popular option among those who want to enhance their beauty, as it is known to leave the user with glowing skin. What’s more, it also boasts a beautiful, sweet scent, making for a sensual experience that the user can look forward to. 

Skin Care

Rose Petal Oil is known to have fantastic effects on the skin thanks to its moisturising, hydrating properties. 

It boasts soothing, anti-inflammatory effects, meaning it is not just limited to people with perfect skin. In fact, it is fantastic at soothing irritated and sensitive skin. 

Rose Petal Oil is commonly used by people who experience skin redness and inflammation, and can even be used to help fix broken capillaries.

It is thought the farsenol contained in the oil has a positive effect on circulation - and it is this that helps to reduce the pressure in broken capillaries. It is in this way that Rose Petal Oil evens skin colour and creates that gorgeous English rose look. 

What’s more the super-hydrating substance is a particularly good moisturiser for older skin and particularly dry complexions. The oil also creates a sheen on the skin, helping it to retain moisture. 

Rose is also known to help soften and add glow to the skin, and its stunning scent makes skin feel warm and sensuous.

The rose petals in Rose Petal Oil are infused with organic Sweet Almond oil, which helps to deliver the benefits of the rose flower to the skin. This is recommended for moisturising and soothing the skin. 

It is thought the impressive effects of rose oil on the skin can be attributed to the citral it contains, as this helps the body to manufacture vitamin A. 

Other properties

As well as being used on the skin, Rose Petal Oil can also be used for aromatherapy purposes. It is often used to relieve stress, reduce irritability, and it is also believed to have depression-fighting properties. 

In fact, it has long been thought that roses contain profound healing properties on both a physical and psychological level. 

The history of roses in beauty

Roses have been highly valued for their beauty and perfume for centuries, but they have also been used in healing, featuring in the traditional medicines of China, India, Assyria, Egypt, Greece and Rome, to cure a wide range of medical conditions. 

However, rose water was used long before rose oil came into being. This can be traced back as far as 1200 BC to the Mycenaean city of Pilos, where it was traded commercially.