The immune system is a complicated thing.

It has the ability to protect us from diseases - keeping us fit, healthy and altogether positive.

On the other hand, should our immune system be attacked, we are far more susceptible to colds, flues and other viruses.

It's really important to keep our immune system in tip top condition because, if it does get weak, illnesses could develop and become far more severe than a simple cold.

With this one, there is no easy solution to looking after our insides.

Instead, we have to look for natural ways to keep our innards ticking over nicely.

Fruits and vegetables

It's no surprise that putting healthy stuff inside you makes you healthier, happier and less likely to get ill.

Fruit and veg is jam packed full of different vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immune system.

Our bodies need all these different types of vitamins to stay healthy, so make sure that you get a good balance of fruit and veg.

Herbal drinks

As always, liquids are a great way to keep your body healthy.

Some drinks are more beneficial than others, while some are especially designed to ensure our insides stay perky.

Astragalus and Echinacea Herbal Drink is intended to promote strength and energy, giving our bellies exactly what they need to function perfectly.


It's a no-brainer that staying calm on the outside also keeps us calm on the inside.

A great way to relax is yoga - it combines exercise and leisure - two vital ingredients to maintaining a strong immune system.

Even if you haven't tried yoga before, it's the perfect sport for the season as you have the ability to stay indoors and find your inner 'zen'.

Research what kind of yoga may be good for you by grabbing a yoga manual, then all you need is a yoga mat and you're away!

Posted by Laura Andrews