The key to staying young is keeping two types of protein in our skin: collagen and elastin.

These keep our skin elasticised and smooth - giving them the title of sworn fighters of the wrinkle.  

A good diet

No foods actually have collagen in them (it's something that our body produces), but there are some foods that we can eat that promote collagen production.

Protein rich foods are thought to be great at this - things like egg whites especially.

"You may need to go beyond the RDA protein level of 46 grams (for adult women) and 56 grams (for adult men) to achieve this goal. You may also need to include a variety of foods that provide protein. Nuts, seeds, and legumes would all be food categories to consider," The George Mateljan Foundation, a whole foods charity has asserted.

Drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables are also wrinkle-free essentials.

Having a vitamin-rich moisturiser

Many moisturisers claim to tackle wrinkles overnight, but the key to long-term success is knowing exactly what you’re putting on your face.

According to health specialists at Live Strong, "vitamin C is essential for production of collagen".

Good old vit-C can be found in foods or in a variety of moisturisers.


We’re not stupid, and yes, you did read correctly - we are advising you to use sunscreen in this weather.

Any little ray of sunshine (they certainly are little) can effect our skin and cause premature aging.

"My number one skincare tip would be sunscreen because most of the ageing that we see in the skin is caused by UV exposure. So, if I were to recommend one skincare product it would definitely be a sunscreen product," advised Sally Penford, education manager for the International Dermal Institute.