Facial massage gives your face the TLC it needs, our health and wellbeing expert Sophie Kalinauckas faces facts

Let’s face it, with so many new procedures and pioneering surgical measures which claim to be the ultimate face fixers, it can be easy to feel swamped with options and to forget about one of the simplest methods: the natural method! Many of us focus on our imperfections, a line here, a blemish there, a spot here, a dark circle there and we forget about some of the extra symptoms we suffer from which affect our face. These can range from headaches, sinus trouble, eyestrain, neck tightness and general face pain. No amount of Botox can fix pain; in fact, it’s just injecting more pain! The natural way is often overlooked, when you think you can get a quick-fix instead. Did you know that facial massage can relieve tension, pain and rejuvenate your face all at the same time? So why not try ditching the needles and trying some kneading instead?

Face the problem A hectic lifestyle with little sleep, battling stress and the constant flow of pollution wreaks havoc on the face and fundamentally: your skin. Your skin begins to age quicker and suffers other discomforts such as dryness, sensitivity and blocked pores. This all feels (literally) very doom and gloom but massage can get things glowing again. Facial massage with the aid of natural oils conditions, moisturises, relaxes and wipes away wrinkles which can invade your face. As you get older your skin loses its elasticity and this is what causes fine lines. Massage is the miracle worker on fine lines as it strengthens the skin again. What’s more it calms sensitive skin, unclogs pores and eradicates blackheads leaving your face clean, soft and youthful!
Facing factsA facial massage works in the same way as a regular body massage; it works to improve your overall well-being. Just like your back or shoulders, the muscles in your face get tight and burden stress. Many of us suffer from headaches and eyestrain, especially when we are staring at screens all day long. A facial massage can relieve these symptoms as it relaxes muscles and connective tissues. It’s a quick-fix with a difference; it is a healing process which works to prevent further facial problems. These problems can vary from sinus headaches, tension headaches, toothaches, blurred vision and pressure building in your head or all of the above. With these common annoyances, most of us just pop-a-pill to aid relief but this is not always the answer, especially if you’re experiencing re-occurring problems. Facial massage is a natural, non-invasive quick-fix but also a preventative procedure.

Beauty features! Facial massage also helps your beauty features; it firms, smoothes and sculpts your skin. It does this by increasing circulation in your face, stimulating lymph nodes, removing dead skin cells and relaxing tension in muscles. The boost of circulation of oxygenating blood promotes the growth of more healing red blood cells. Ultimately, this leads to a healthy glow as the blood cells work to reduce swelling, and (as all-girls-love-to-hear) encour’age’ anti-ageing! Circulation prevents wrinkles and fades those annoying fine lines, leaving you with skin that feels younger and healthier. That’s something worth smiling about, without the worry of another line appearing!

Under pressure? Are you often feeling the pressure in your emotional, work or private life? This can cause real pressure in your head and face. Applying finger pressure to your face and head can specifically work to relieve congested areas, loosen muscles and eliminate toxins. It relaxes all strained areas of the face and this helps to also unwind emotional and psychological strains. It is often said, a person in love has a certain glow! Love yourself by relieving both your muscles and emotional tensions and you’ll begin to feel the ‘glowiest’ of them all in all senses of your life.

Here’s one I faced earlier...The best thing about facial massage is that you don’t have to break the bank, you can do it yourself! All you need is a spare half-an-hour and your pick of the perfect oil and you’re ready for lift off. Here’s a small step by step guide to your own facial massage:

  • Once you have picked your oil apply to fingers and face before each step.
  • Begin on your cheeks and use your fingers or knuckles to create big circular motions.
  • One side at a time rub in short swift motions from your mid-jaw to cheekbone.
  • Continue with the same motions but make the strokes longer and press firmly at the top of your cheek for five second at a time.
  • Move onto your smile lines and use similar upward strokes from the corner of mouth to the nose and resting for five seconds at the corner of your nose.
  • Press your thumbs and index fingers along your bottom and top lip
  • Next go to your brows and hold your fingers either side of both bows opening your eyes wider, stretching your eyes open over and over.
  • Rub in a circle motion around the eye socket and over your eyelids.
  • Continue circular motions up to the temples and forehead and back again.

Oil is a girl’s best friend

A facial massage works its wonders by using natural, organic oils. Fushi recommends the following five:


  • Argan oil is the angel of all oils; it works as a facial moisturiser, a lip conditioner, an acne healer, a make-up remover and an anti-ager. It contains high concentrations of Vitamin E which helps it to tackle dry skin and improve its elasticity. This makes it particularly useful in reducing fine lines, especially under-eye wrinkles by boosting hydration.
  • Carrot oil is a great on to use in facial massage because it can work wonders under the eye area. It works particularly well because it is a natural source of retinol. Eye puffiness can be uncomfortable, sore and leave you looking tired and unwell. Not to mention the dark circles under our eyes. Carrot oil expels toxins which in turn de-puffs around the eyes and brightens the eye area. It also softens expression lines particularly around the eyebrows and lips.
  • Rosehip oil is the rejuvenating skin queen oil. It heals damaged skin, particularly skin which has been affected by the sun. It reduces signs of ageing by eliminating fine lines around the eyes and lips. It works particularly well in massage on distressed skin because it prevents ugly scar tissue which might be caused by burns, scars and stretch marks.
  • Camellia Oil is another perfect pick for facial massage. It gives an even more luxurious massage as it is extremely restorative and rejuvenating resulting in a silky smooth feel. It has a ‘lifting’ effect but is very gentle which makes it ideal for facial massage. It is high in fatty acids, contains Vitamin A, B and E and possesses squalene which restricts dry skin and premature ageing effects.
  • Sesame is also special. Using it with facial massage creates a smooth surface without pulling and stretching your skin. It also battles toxins and has anti-ageing properties. Traditionally, sesame oil is celebrated for its calming qualities. It helps to relieve fatigue, anxiety and nervousness. Much of the tension in your face can be caused by negative emotions, so sesame oil battles both the physical and the emotional.
  • Coconut oil is the super oil; it is the ultimate healing oil and works particularly well in facial massage to give you a radiant glow. It nourishes and moisturises the skin and the lips as it is stocked with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. It eliminates dead skin cells right at the surface of the skin.

All these oils have strong absorption qualities. Your skin absorbs all the healing substances contained in the oils, quickly and easily, without leaving your skin greasy. To use oils you can apply them directly but to get the make the most of their benefitting effects you can warm the oils up before hand.

We always leave a facial or a massage for a special occasion or a special treat but regular facial massage can get you looking dazzling every day. By working on those tell-tale signs of winkles and boosting your natural glow it is time for lift off: a face lift; the natural way!