Everyone loves a good brew – for many it’s the only way to get out of bed in the morning, as well as the perfect break to your day. As the winter months draw closer, tea is intrinsic to our days – both waking and warming us up. We all know that tea is the ideal morning companion, but what not many people do know is that tea may have a multitude of other natural benefits, ranging from anti-aging to weight loss.


Teas like green tea are brimming with antioxidants, the little molecules that are thought to slap away the hand of aging and keep our skin youthful and bright! Antioxidants are also thought to halt the effects of pollution on our skin – one of which being premature lines and wrinkles.

Adios allergies!

Hay fever sufferers nationwide may be able to put down their snotty tissues and reach for a much preferred mug of hot tea. Some researchers believe that tea may hold antioxidants that block the biochemical process involved in producing an allergic response. Look out for specific teas which help support the system whilst calming down itchy watery eyes, sniffly noses and irritation.

Morning mate

Whether supplied by coffee or tea, many workers are addicted to their guilty morning caffeine fix. However, the necessary morning boost no longer needs to be guilt-filled! Some teas promise to supply us with our essential morning boost without containing the adverse effects brought about by caffeine.

Slimming companion

Most normal teas actually contain zero calories – which makes tea the perfect drink for those watching their figure. However, some specialist teas also claim to lend a helping hand to the slimming process. Teas rich in ginger and angelica root have also been linked with boosted digestion. These kind of teas are especially recommended on an occasion where looking your best is vital, as they intend to stop bloating, giving you the flattest stomach possible.

Posted by Matilda Jones