Yoga is the ideal exercise for autumn.

Firstly, it can be done anywhere at any time. All you need to do is whip out your mat and you're ready to tone, exercise and relax.

Secondly, yoga is meant to impact your brain just as much as it is your body.

With back to work stress, weather blues and continual family issues, yoga is a small break in your day that can make a big difference.

Yoga can be performed in any clothes, but many people do like to get proper yoga clothes, as they can put you in the correct mood, as well as being the most comfortable attire for the exercise.


There are a variety of tops that you can buy, all depending on your size and what you find comfortable.

Probably most importantly, it is vital to get a comfortable and well-fitting sports bra.Look for one that is both supportive and non-restrictive.

Bras made from sustainable bamboo are ideal when doing physical exercise as they take moisture away, as well as allowing your body to breathe.

Bamboo tops are also a great idea, as are halter-necks. Wearing a halter leaves your shoulders free. This is cooling and allows you to perform any move your body can stretch itself to!


Trousers are probably the key to comfort when it comes to yoga.

They can allow you full relaxation and placidity, or they can feel restrictive and irritating - exactly what you do not need when attempting to channel your inner 'zen.'

Bamboo harem pants are perfect as they are loose, breathable and free.

These harems are "made from soft high-performance sustainable bamboo which wicks moisture away, allows your body to breath and is naturally anti-bacterial".

Posted by Matilda Jones