Some people get spots in the same place every time a breakout happens.

This may not just be chance, according to celebrity skin expert Caroline Frazer.

Spots on different parts of our faces show health weaknesses.

"Like reflexology areas of the face can help give us information about what's going on in the body," she claimed.

If you consistently get breakouts in certain places, finding out why you get them could be the key to curing them.

Spots on the chin

Women may notice that they get a bit more chin-spotty just before their period or when they menstruate.

"Spots on the chin generally relates to hormonal fluctuations often at period or ovulation time," Ms Frazer explained.

To combat this overload of hormones, women may like to try omega-3 which is thought to support women with painful or irregular periods.

It has also been suggested that spots around the chin and mouth can be down to too much caffeine. If you need a brew in the morning, why not try a herbal tea instead?

Spots on the forehead

Although these spots are easily covered up with fringes, they're still a complete pain.

These spots "can indicate an over-consumption of red meat, saturated fats, proteins and alcohol," she asserted.

Cut down on these products to limit the number of forehead spots.

Sometimes spots on the forehead can be down to a harsh shampoo that gets onto this part of the skin.

Use natural shampoos free of chemicals to see if they make a difference to your complexion.

Spots between the brows

This is a real troublesome spot for a number of individuals.

According to Chinese medicine doctor, Dr. Wang Zheng Hu, these spots are caused by lack of exercise and lack of sleep.

He advises doing gentle exercise such as yoga, and getting at least seven to eight hours sleep every night.

Posted by Matilda Jones