A lot of high street products swear to perform a whole host of miraculous things on your skin, but to what extent do they actually deliver on their promises?

There's no point damaging your skin with chemical-filled products that cost the earth when natural oils are cheap, organic and accessible.

If you want wrinkle-free, soft, youthful skin – then try these oils before you try anything else.

Black seed oil

This oil, sometimes called Nigella Sativa, is known to be a healer of the skin.

It is thought to contain over 100 healing components – some of which boasting the ability to repair tired and worn looking skin.

Black seed oil is historically a feminine oil. It is thought that it was found in Tutankhamen's tomb and used by Cleopatra for its beauty-giving qualities.

All you need to do is rub about half a teaspoon of the oil on your face. Sufferers of eczema, acne and wrinkles are especially encouraged to try these healing oil.

Rose hip oil

Good old rose hip has been making the headlines recently, as many celebrities swear by it as the reason behind their glowing, youthful skin.

The reason behind its success is that it is packed full of omega 3, omega 6 and other essential fatty acids. These ingredients plump our the skin while moisturising, alleviating present fine lines and getting rid of any that are in the post.

It is also a source of retinoic acid – known for evening skin tone and giving it a nice, even glow.

“Rosehip is perfect for all ages and skin types, including those with sensitive skin conditions like rosacea and acne. I add a drop to moisturiser to boost the results,” says Deborah Mitchell, celebrity skin specialist.

Pomegranate seed oil

It is thought that pomegranate seed oil can improve skin elasticity by creating collagen in the skin.

Collagen makes the skin look plumper, fuller and has also been known to reverse the effects of sun damage.

Posted by Freya Harper