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Why a good spring clean is essential

Sorting out your house this spring can be healthy

Having a good spring clean may seem like too much effort, but it can be hugely beneficial. Getting rid of clutter, dust and dirt that may have built up over the winter months - when you tend to spend more time at home - can create a healthier living environment.

A good spring clean not only means that your home is a nicer environment to spend time in, it can also help to reduce stress, cut down on illness and make you feel altogether healthier.

One aspect of spring cleaning that you may not have considered is that it helps you to burn calories and so can be a gentle workout that leaves your home spick and span. When lifting, bending and moving things - not to mention repetitive motions such as vacuuming - you can burn a good lot of calories and also get more toned.

While you shouldn't over do it, spending a few hours tidying and cleaning this spring - and regularly each week - can help to raise your overall fitness levels without you having to leave your house. 

As well as the act of cleaning being beneficial, the outcome of a good spring clean - a well ordered and clutter-free home - can help to stop you getting stressed. Having everything in its place allows you to relax fully while at home, which reduces your stress levels. This is because you know exactly where everything is and know that everything is done, so your mind can just chill out.

If you are feeling a bit stressed, you can also try introducing 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning time into your daily routine. Not only will this keep your home looking lovely, the physical activity can also help reduce anxiety.

Getting rid of dust, dirt and pet hair can also keep you healthier and reduce the chances of any allergies from impacting your daily wellbeing. While regularly cleaning fabrics such as bedding and vacuuming every few days can also help with this, spring is the perfect time to be more thorough.

Cleaning carpets, curtains, all laundry and also getting into all the hard-to-reach areas this spring can get rid of hidden dirt and dust mites that could affect allergies and health throughout the year.

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