Moringa oil originated in India and has many benefits. It is widely sought after and has a variety of uses, all of which can help your skin and hair.

The oil comes from the seed of the Moringa Oleifera tree, which is cold pressed to expel the oil.

Cold pressing the oil has added benefits as the process doesn't use high heat or chemicals. This means that the chemical structure of the oil is unchanged, allowing it to maintain its natural beneficial properties.

Around 42 per cent of each Moringa seed is oil, meaning that each tree gives a high yield.

The oil is incredibly stable and can have a shelf life of over five years.

The oil is able to absorb fragrances and maintain them for a long period of time so is often used as a perfume base.

It is known by several names, including 'Ben oil', which relates to its high content of behenic acid.

Although behenic acid isn't recommended for human consumption - it is a saturated fatty acid that raises cholesterol - it is widely used in cosmetics. It works as a surfactant and allows better suspension of oil in water, which helps cleansing products work better. It also helps soaps and cleansers to foam and conditions the skin and hair.

Not only is Moringa oil incredibly stable, it absorbs quickly and deeply; making it ideal for use in skin creams. It helps to smooth and moisturise the skin, giving results that lasts a long time.

You can also use it as massage oil as it is incredibly silky and leaves the skin soft and radiant.

Moringa oil is also heavy with antioxidants, which provides nutrients for the skin. As the oil can be deeply absorbed these nutrients reach several layers of the skin and help to strengthen skin cells.

Working with the antioxidants in the oil is a large quantity of collagen. Moringa oil contains around four times the amount of collagen found in carrot oil. This helps to repair and rebuild collagen fibres in the skin, keeping it plump and reducing wrinkles.

The high amount of collagen and antioxidants make Moringa a fantastic anti-ageing oil. It not only reduces wrinkles, it also makes the skin firmer and brightens the complexion.

Moringa oil also helps to prevent the activities of free radicals on the skin; inhibiting a variety of damage our skin faces everyday.

The oil is recommended for clearing acne-prone skin and is able to moderate oil production, helping your skin to stay clear. It also reduces the size of pores, meaning that less dirt and oil becomes trapped in them.

The oil is excellent at lifting dirt out of the hair easily. The oil is able to create a rich lather which allows it to cleanse the hair better. Simply massaging the oil directly into the hair and scalp and rinsing can lift all traces of dirt whilst moisturising and toning.

Moringa oil also has antiseptic qualities and works as a mild anti-inflammatory. It is widely used on burns, insect bites, bruises and cuts quickly as it promotes skin healing and fights infection.

Other parts of the Moringa Oleifera tree are also incredibly useful and are just as widely used for a variety of applications.