Being massaged daily recently earned itself a place among the things that would contribute to an ideal holiday.

Colletts Travel asked researchers to question some 2,000 people about the things that would contribute to a great break away from it all.

And having a massage every day was revealed to play a part in the perfect break, alongside the likes of flying in a first class seat and being able to order something from room service!

For two in three of the sample, quiet and peace were more important than anything else for an ideal break.

"The perfect holiday has a few must-have elements – guaranteed sunshine and peace and quiet seem high on the list," said Colletts Travel founder, Roy Collett.

Unfortunately, of course, we're not all on our perfect breaks at present – more's the pity! But does that mean that enjoying a massage is out of the question? No!

Massage is a wonderful activity that it's possible to carry out in the comfort of your own home.

Here at Fushi, you'll find a range of massage items that could be the beginning of a hugely rewarding routine.

The Large Arch Massage Roller, for example, is a hugely affordable way into this activity, and can be used by couples as a way of getting rid of tension.

If you want to find out about ways of massaging, you could also invest in the Aromatherapy Bible, a fact-packed book which includes advice about the practice.

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Why not treat yourself to some herbal shampoo while you're ordering, too, just because? 

Massage comes recommended

Massage has been widely praised and discussed. It was recommended last year for a group of people who could sometimes face high levels of stress - those who are carers.

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers (now Carers Trust outside of Scotland, following a merger with Crossroads Care last year) advised in February 2012 that massage was able to: "relieve a great deal of tension."

"While a massage once or twice a month would be the ideal, self-massage is also helpful," their representative advised carers, who the charity defines as people who care, without pay, for someone they know that needs support – because they are ill, for example.

"Sitting quietly in a chair and placing your hands on either side of your forehead and rotating them gently can soothe a stressful headache," she added. 

Meanwhile, specialist massage therapist Steve Finnemore advised at the end of 2011 that: "The best way to de-stress is to do something you really enjoy. This might be reading a book, having a massage, taking a long bath or listening to music. Anything which takes your thoughts away, your stresses, and leaves you feeling calm."

If you want to give massage a go yourself, you could combine Mr Finnemore's tips.

Why not use a chill our or classical music CD to set the tone, then let someone you love and trust massage your back?

Though you might not be on a dream break, you may feel you hardly need one anymore after you're added something so potentially beneficial to your life, and begun to use massage to help yourself on a regular basis.

Posted by Matilda Jones.