Getting our bodies looking the way we'd like them to for an overseas break starts a long way in advance for some, it seems!

With over half of holidaymakers heading to the gym to get their tums toned before a break, it's been found 35 per cent among this proportion begin dieting and working out up to half a year prior to their vacation!

That compares to 13 per cent who leave it to a month before departure to work on their bodies in this way, On The Beach stats show.

But why leave the gym experience at home if you're planning a break away? Holidays give you time to enjoy your favorite leisure activities, after all! And that includes the yoga you might have been enjoying in one of the gym's classes.

One of the wonderful things about yoga is that you can do it in a huge variety of locations, without needing much equipment. It's a perfect portable practice!

It seems that 94 per cent of British people buy clothing and beauty items to take away with them ahead of their holiday, and we would certainly encourage you to make sure you have your favourite natural beauty products from Fushi on you in a travel bag for your trip, so you can keep up your beauty care routine. But clothes and cosmetics aren't the only things you'll want to have on you, of course.

For example, investing in yoga equipment such as a mat and bag before your break could help you go through the poses you've been taught in class while in the comfort of your holiday apartment, or even while you're on the beach.

You're sure to enjoy practicing your favourite poses in a new place, and taking yoga away with you will mean you won't lose any of the benefits you've been feeling from yoga by letting your regular practice habit slide while on holiday.