New research has looked into just how much we actually relax when we head off on holiday - or rather how much we don't relax!

In fact, the study from BA Holidays showed that on average, British workers relax for only four days of their holiday during a two week long break.

A fifth of the sample felt they had more chance of switching off from the world of work if they went on a shorter break instead of a longer one - as a result of the fact that on a short break they wouldn't be so concerned about how much work they'll need to do to catch up!

On average, workers are checking their emails, texting their fellow workers or phoning them by the time their second week away begins. A fifth said they always got worried about the subject of work when they were away on a break.

And over 25 per cent dreaded how much work was mounting up for them while they weren't in the workplace.

Meanwhile, one-fifth admitted that they thought about the workplace from the poolside or beach!

”Many believe that getting away from things for two weeks means you can really switch off – more so than if you just went for a long weekend away. But it seems for some the opposite is actually true," commented BA Holidays managing director, Claire Bentley.

”Our most popular short breaks among workers are for stays in Boutique hotels in cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan and Berlin, highlighting that many workers are opting for luxury short breaks to get maximum relaxation and minimum time worrying about work.”

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