The onset of colder, winter weather should serve as a prompt to women everywhere to re-evaluate their makeup and skincare regime.

Adapt to temperature shifts

Different temperatures and weather conditions demand a slight change of tack - even if it’s a simple case of locking away your SPF foundation until next year.

However, as most of us already know, skin is more prone to drying out when the wind picks up and nipping into a building after a brisk walk can feel like stepping into a pre-heated oven. Doing this a couple of times a day has obvious repercussions for your complexion.

"When it's hotter it's good to use lighter creams and a higher level of SPF to make sure that your skin stays hydrated and protected," explained contributing editor Zara Stone Rabinowicz. "In winter when the weather tends to be colder, richer creams are great to make you feel nourished."

For sore lips, why not try a hydrating lip balm or rescue anti-viral lip balm to keep your pout pert and soft skin supple.

Be prepared to give your skin a little more care and attention during the winter too. A drier and flakier dermis demands a tougher exfoliation routine .

"Skincare should be adjusted during the year, as different temperatures need different types of attention," Ms Rabinowicz explained.

Sensitive skin

Anyone with sensitive skin will already know that a change in weather conditions usually means more troublesome itching, soreness and dry patches. Sensitivity can also limit the range of cosmetics you can use to treat these conditions in winter.

Your skin is given some of its roughest treatment during your morning routine - namely when you hop out of the hot shower and into the cold winter air.

Choosing a good rehydrating moisturiser, formulated for sensitive skin, can be key to keeping the worst symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and other conditions at bay.

Look for body lotion with shea butter, babbassu, coconut oil and lemon balm to keep your skin feeling smooth and body feeling supremely healthy, without any worrying itches distracting you throughout the day.

Posted by Laura Andrews