Far more than simply a peppery treat to spice up a salad, watercress really is a wonder.

An affordable and healthy option, it's possible to grow this green delight at home, but of course you will be used to seeing it lining the produce aisles of supermarkets up and down the land, either sold alone or sometimes as part of a tasty salad mix, so if you're not green fingered, that certainly doesn't mean you can't add some of this green and healthy food to your plate!

If you've yet to try watercress, what are you waiting for? Though it is a little stronger tasting than some salad leaves, and so might well appeal to those who like a peppery twist to their salad, it's certainly something that many people love - and others could well find they grow to love over time.

Valuable vitamins and magnificent minerals

These days we're often particularly interested in the vitamin and mineral content of our food, as well as how it tastes and how it can be used in cooking.

Well, watercress truly has a lot to boast about when it comes to its vitamin and mineral content.

For healthy living fans, the high level of Vitamin C in this green leafy treat is sure to be thought of as a plus.  

It also boasts Potassium, Calcium and Vitamin B6, to name just three fantastic nutrients.

Getting creative with watercress

Watercress works well as a garnish, or why not try creating a tasty soup from this nutrient-packed delight?

The leaves make an interesting alternative to your usual cuppa when chopped, with recently boiled water poured over them.

And of course in a salad, you'll find that watercress makes a great addition to a variety of ingredients. Why not try it with some radish, to up the peppery taste factor, or with sweeter ingredients like grated carrot, for a great contrast?

Watercress can also be prepared in the blender or juicer, both popular tools for many health fans these days! It works well when whizzed into a smoothie, although if you're looking for a blended treat that is sweet, you might want to add the likes of apple juice, banana or orange juice to your drink, too.

Brilliant benefits

Like many great sorts of natural produce, including oranges, tomatoes and broccoli, watercress could lead to health benefits for you.

It's home to many things which can help with health, like Vitamin B6, which supports the health of the nervous system.

There's also Vitamin C - perhaps the most famous vitamin? - which is good for the skin, not to mention other parts of the body.

Vitamin A, which our bodies are able to make from the beta-carotene found in watercress, has vision benefits, and your teeth and hair as well as your skin could also benefit from it.

People have been known to use watercress in the treatment of catarrh, that irritating excess of mucus that sometimes occurs in the nose or other places and is sometimes linked to allergies or simply having a cold.