Over the years a host of celebs have taken up yoga and talked about their experiences with this brilliant and beneficial activity.

And no doubt many of us not-so-famous folks have found ourselves inspired to give this exciting and enriching pastime a go ourselves!

One of the latest stars to talk about the fact that she’s got into yoga is the ’Ooops I Did It Again’ and ’Baby One More Time’ songstress Britney Spears.

Among the most famous voices and faces in pop, Brit’s been keeping us dancing to her catchy songs since 1999 when ’Baby One More time gave her a smash hit number one debut single.

And it seems that she’s been spending some time striking yoga poses of late. The star told US show On Air With Ryan Seacrest she was "doing a lot of yoga" according to host Seacrest’s website.

"It’s like my go-to between all anxiety and everything," the one-time X Factor USA judge explained.

However, she said she wasn’t a fan of the activity on her first try, explaining: "I think the key is finding a good teacher, someone you kind of connect with and if you do find that person then it doesn’t feel like you’re bored or impatient because I’ve been in tons of classes where I’m so over it and I can’t deal and want it to end."

She added that when you discover "the right instructor" yoga "does wonders for your body."

Many people all over the world would agree with Britney about yoga’s brilliant body benefits!

If you’re thinking of taking classes, be sure you have all the yoga equipment you need, like yoga mats and yoga bags.

As with any hobby, it pays to be prepared and have the right items in place to make the most of what might well become your new favourite pastime!