'Tis the season to be hungover.

Indeed, although the party season may be drawing to a close, it's safe to say the tired, morning-after feeling has well and truly remained.

The last thing you may feel like doing to beat the hangover is getting up and doing some exercise, but it could be the greatest cure.

However, yoga can be a fantastic way of getting yourself out of bed, into work and feeling tip-top.

Chair twist

According to HerCampus, the chair twist gives your body an "internal massage" - settling that nauseous stomach and aching limbs.

Start with the right side of your body facing the back of the chair, while holding the back of your chair with both hands at shoulder height.

Your hips and torso should be facing forward, while your shoulders should be relaxed.

Inhale and press down into the seat of the chair, with your head facing the ceiling. Breathe in deeply.

As you exhale, twist your body as far to the right as you can, while stretching your torso and keeping your hands and arms forward.

As you breathe in, go back to the centre, and repeat on the left side.

"Twisting massages your abdominal organs and improves digestion," HerCampus explained.

Seated twist

This move is similar to the chair twist, but it requites no chair.

Sit out with your legs extended in front of you.

Firstly, bring your right foot to your left knee.

Then, bring your left foot up to your right hip.

As you inhale, sit up as tall as you can. On the exhale, slowly place your right arm behind you and turn your torso back with it - as far as you can go.

Hold for as long as possible and then repeat on the other side.

Posted by Matilda Jones