There's nothing quite as relaxing as a long, luxurious facial in a decadent spa. Candle lit treatment rooms and the calming sounds of tinkling chimes can quickly put your mind at ease while the therapist gets to work on cleansing and massaging your face, neck and shoulders. 

Unfortunately, most spa treatments come with a hefty price tag, and the majority of us can't afford to splurge on this luxury as much as we would like to. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can follow to get the same skin-benefiting results as a professional treatment in the comfort of your own home. If you're worried about the first signs of ageing, any fine lines, or even looking to combat dry skin that the change of season has brought, a good at-home facial can help. 

Most therapists will have been trained to perform massages that their spa or skincare brand have specifically created to accompany their product, but there are some core massage elements and techniques that can be easily recreated at home. 

So, light those candles in the bathroom and dig out your most luxurious lotions and potions and get ready for a spa experience at home. 

Here are our steps to achieving a great anti-ageing facial at home: 

1. It's important to thoroughly cleanse your skin before you start the massage. We recommend pre-cleansing with a cleansing facial oil first. Gently rub the oil into dry skin - it works wonders at breaking down all your makeup, including waterproof mascara quickly - and gently wipe off with a hot flannel. Follow with your usual toner and eye serum once your skin has been patted dry.

2. Once your makeup is fully removed, you can begin targeting areas with massage. A creamy hydrating moisturising or facial oil designed as a serum, rather than a cleanser, is perfect for this step. 

3. Start with your neck and work upwards using light strokes and rub gently in a circular motion when you get to your cheeks and temples. 

4. For your temples, use your ring and middle finger to apply light pressure around your eyes. This will not only help alleviate stress, but focuses on the area that is most prone to the first signs of ageing and any lines and wrinkles that might be forming.

5. If you're suffering from a headache or head cold you can relieve some pressure by focusing on your forehead and sinus area with your index and middle finger. Again, some light pressure across the brow will help target any frown lines. 

6. Finally, finish with the back of your hands and roll your fingers along your skin from  your neck to your brow - including under the chin as this will help prevent sagging - and allow all the moisturiser to soak in. 

To really reap the benefits of facial massage, try to incorporate some of the massage elements every day into your skincare routine, and treat yourself once a week to a bit of me time and enjoy a good 15 minute long at-home facial!