If you're thinking of adopting a healthier lifestyle in the New Year, or perhaps just want to try something different, yoga could be highly beneficial. Yoga has a number of benefits in terms of health and everyday activity, which could help you feel better heading into 2014.

You've probably heard a lot about different types of yoga as it has been a popular form of exercise for a number of years and is often spoken about in the media. It is an incredibly old form of exercise that helps to boost physical health as well as mental wellbeing. Yoga uses numerous exercises that improve strength, breathing and flexibility.

Most of yoga is about different postures. These help to stretch muscles, work out any knots and get you to relax. It is a great way to get past the stresses that your day can bring while also toning up your body.

As yoga helps to improve strength, balance and flexibility, it has a number of health benefits. It is also highly relaxing, which is why some studies have suggested it is incredibly good for lowering blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. Yoga has also been linked to helping relieve aches and pains, such as lower back pain, as well as being beneficial for those that suffer from stress or depression.

Because yoga poses depend upon what you are able to do, it is a great way to ease yourself into exercise. You'll find that the more regularly you do yoga, the better able you are to stay in poses for longer and the wider range of moves and poses you can perform.

It is an incredibly gentle form or exercise and so is perfect for anyone that has not performed regular exercise, has arthritis or limited mobility. Yoga is about the individual so you are able to tailor your workout entirely for you.

As you become more adept at yoga poses, you may find that you are able to enter into other exercise types without stress or pain, helping your health even more.