More than any other part of your body, your face is the part that needs the most TLC. Not only is it the most sensitive bit of yourself, it’s also the piece that let’s you smile, cry, laugh and show everyone around you how you are feeling. As we get older, the elasticity in our skin goes a little – allowing wrinkles to form and our skin to loosen. This is especially noticeable in the face – and exactly why we need to give an older visage extra special attention, treating it to a natural but simple care routine every day.

Wipe it off

Before we wash our face, it’s important to get rid of any specs of make up that might be left. Make up clogs the pores, which cause blemishes. For an ageless reflection, use a facial tonic cleanser. In just one step, make-up and all traces of pollution are removed, leaving the skin clean and radiant. As opposed to a make up wipe, using a cleanser provides the skin with long-lasting hydration and an extra metabolism boost.

Wash away those wrinkles

When all traces of make up are removed, using an age-sensitive facial wash is essential. Look out for face washes that include argan oil, as this component is believed to prohibit any naturally protective oils from being stripped from the face. Argan oil is also renowned for its high content of vitamin A, E, and essential fatty oils – great for keeping the skin young and plump.

Rich Rejuvenator

The key ingredients in your moisturiser should be our familiar friends – vitamin A, E and argan oil. These vital components are thought to stimulate cell renewal – repairing any premature lines that may have formed. Aloe vera and algin are also great for a timeless face, as they are thought to provide moisturising qualities which can stabilize the skin's hydration levels. This could increase skin thickness and elasticity. Apply once in the morning and once at night, ideally when the skin is slightly damp, for an extra youthful complexion.

Posted by Laura Andrews